ASIP004 Ex Confusion - Where The Time Goes


After his inclusion on Helios' brilliant compilation 'For Nihon' last year, Ex Confusion was finally given the platform he deserved with an album on the legendary N5MD label. Released at the end of March, Embrace is a perfect example of simple, touching ambient music. So, needless to say, I couldn't be happier that Atsuhito has produced two tracks for the Places Series. For many people, 'Where The Time Goes' will form the perfect introduction to Atsuhito's music, or an extension to an already proud, Ex Confusion library. 

Atsuhito's work is a double dose of gentle, indulgent ambience. Distant and wistful, it retreats to a time of safety and comfort when your parents were the gentle giants that made the world a smaller, safer place. 

Drawing inspiration from conversations outside his room, they provided a reminder of childhood memories “when everything was perfect and I wasn’t afraid of growing up”. There’s purity and a heart-breaking naivety to the soft reflection of both ‘Before We Begin’ and ‘If Only’ as Ex Confusion cocoons us from the world and finds sanctuary in the hometown recollections of Nara, Japan. 

Guided by voices, Where The Time Goes is an ode to appreciating the value of what’s passed but it’s also a tender edict to seize every moment. Wherever that may be. “I heard voices in my head, telling me how things are hard to take back and how important each moment we have right now, is. Then I took my guitars and piano to record everything in my heart". (Words by Reef Younis).