ASIP005 Levi Patel - Dissociation


Portrayed as places of magic and mystery and of death and decease, forests are a rich source of imagination - a place where fiction and fairy-tale come alive or where darkness is allowed to flourish undeterred. 

Conjured in the barren surroundings of a pine forest in Matakana, New Zealand, ‘Dissociation’ stirs all of the enchantment and subtle mysticism of a woodland world screened from prying eyes. There’s a peace at work that only nature can bring but also the untrusting trepidation of something of which we have no control. “It felt quite wondrous but with a subtle dark undertone,” Levi explains. “I wanted to capture the almost surreal feeling of the place and the mystery of exploring it.” 

‘Dissociation’ invites a curiosity and a gleeful sense of the unknown. School-room xylophone melodies evoke a happy abandon that promises adventure and escape; like dancing in-between tree trunks or finding giggly solitude in games of hide and seek. A track rich on slow-building, swirling atmospherics, it’s a casual wonder into a secret garden, tip-toeing down leafy paths and bursting into clearings chasing the sunshine. But there’s also the subtle undertone that, if you do go into the woods today, there’s a difference between being happily lost and hopelessly missing (Word by Reef Younis)