Helios - Moeity


Released last week to everyone who had signed-up to the website/newsletter and now available to all, Moiety is a new (free) album from Helios, containing eight full length beauties. This isn’t just a free track download, or an album full of one-minute shorts, this is full-on brilliance from Keith which you’d normally pay good money for, and just take a look at that artwork from Rob Simonson.

If you’re familiar with Keith’s work as Helios, then as an introduction i’d say Moiety is definitely more ambient focused than previous albums such as Unleft or Eingya, but then you could draw similarities with tracks such as ‘Halving The Compass’ or ‘Every Hair On Your Head’ – absolutely fine by me I hear you say; these are two of my favourite tracks!

I would encourage everyone to sign-up to the Unseen Music website or follow Helios on Facebook, as Keith is always giving work away – from advert scores to full albums and work under his other monikers, Goldmund and Mint Julep.

Download here (in both MP3 and FLAC).

Listen to Helios’ isolatedmix.