ASIP - The isolated 2000


Just under three months after asking everyone on the ASIP Facebook page for their tracks of choice, The isolated 2000 is finally here. Yes, it took a while, but you know the saying…

For those that are new to this mix theme (and for those who missed the first one – The isolated 1000), this is a selection of tracks chosen by members of the ASIP Facebook page (the first 2000 to be exact). The ask was easy – choose a track which you have discovered or come to love because of an artist or mix featured on ASIP.

The result… a track list featuring some of the best music of recent times and dare I say it, all time. Music ranged from horizontal ambient, to classic techno and most of my favourite artists were thrown into consideration, along with more recent artists which are undoubtedly flying the future classic flag.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get every track submitted into the mix (18 out of 28 isn’t bad right?!) and this was the very reason for the mix taking so long – I’ve been doing my best to make them all work together and get everyone’s selections in. But, I had to keep some kind of structure and I hope you all enjoy where I ended up. After all, it would’ve been over two hours long if I got them all in there!

Additional to deciding the track list, I also asked for contributions for the artwork. Needless to say, the response was amazing and the images were just as epic. You all had your say on the Facebook page, by ‘liking’ your favourite, but one had to be chosen as the lead image, and George Potter gets the crowning glory for his simple yet blissful image of Lake Michigan – no doubt a contender for his very own strangely isolated place. Not only did George’s image get a bunch of ‘Likes’ on the Facebook page, but George is without fail one of the most active contributors on the page – a worthy winner in my books.  All of the submissions are available to view below (and embedded within the track ID3 tags), so a big thank you to everyone who submitted both artwork and track suggestions – I just wish there was a way to use them all.



01. Biosphere – Chukhung. Submitted by Jamie Young
02. Aphex Twin – Rhubarb. Submitted by Matt Gibbs
03. Loscil – Fromme. Submitted by Andrew Murphie
04. Antonymes –  Endlessly. Submitted by Pete Srdic
05. Arcticology – Awakening. Submitted by Simon Walmsley
06. Bass Communion – Glacial 1602. Submitted by Ian Borthwick
07. Sonmi451 – Blue. Submitted by John Ryan
08. Markus Guentner – Express Yourself. Submitted by Steve Wheeler
09. Craig Vear – After the Sinking. Submitted by Ian Handsley.
10. Klaus Schulze – Crystal Lakes. Submitted by Glenn Driver.
11. µ-Ziq – Xolbe II. Submitted by Stu Art.
12. Autechre – vletrmx21. Submitted by Vishal Vasavada.
13. Jon Hopkins – Candles. Submitted by Randy Squalor
14. Liquid Stranger – Mutants (Sneaky & Adaptable mix). Submitted by Getafixx
15. Tripswitch – Stereogram (Solar Fields remix). Submitted by Roberto Sodano.
16. Dominik Eulberg – Taeuschungs-Blume. Submitted by Matt Lodder.
[Sample: Adam Danz – Children Playing]
17. Igor Cold & Ilya Malyuev – For Little (Ilya Malyuev Version). Submitted by Dom Mckay
18. Winterlight – A Sky Full Of Clouds. Submitted by Daniel Goble.

You can view the entire list of track submissions for the mix here.
Main artwork by George Potter. All artwork submissions can be viewed below and on the Facebook page: