Rob Dowell - All Of The Sudden


Rob Dowell has featured on here a few times with his mixes. Also known as the collective Warm Art, the name becomes self-explanatory where style is brought into question. Every DJ knows the warm-up is the hardest set to nail, but Rob has proved on numerous occasions he takes it in his stride.

Whilst this particular set is themed as a reminder of how quickly things can change, it still represents a tantalising start to a long night ahead with some our favourite artists.



Lusine ICL - Scheming (Hecq Remix)
No Accident In Paradise - Taniec
Koan - Circes Touch (Krusseldorf Remix)
Gidge - Fauna Pt 1
Scuba - Before (After)
Koan - Underwater Moonlight (Blue Mix)
Solar Fields - Air Song (Remastered Remix)
Mono Electric Orchestra - Low Ball
Mooryc - Open It
John Hopkins - Open Eye Signal (Asleep Version)
Dawn Golden - Discoloration
Downliners Sekt - Hors Phase
Tripswitch - Deer Park
Koan - Adore (Non Fiction Mix)
Midnight Pulse - Mirror Lake

Below, you'll find Rob's mixes from the archive, previously featured on ASIP .

Rob Dowell - Holding Patterns

“Experiments in pitch bending, best heard on a cold and cloudy day” – a perfectly short and sweet intro for Rob Dowell’s latest mix. Robs last featured mix, ‘Figment Fragments’ was massively popular and ‘Holding Patterns’ reinforces Rob’s ability to craft mind-bending sets with amazing attention to detail alongside creative mixing techniques. This mix goes up a notch in the creative department and as the intro mentions, pitch bending plays a major part. Moderat may have been slowed, but think of it as an extended intro to the brilliant ‘Taeuschnungs Blume’…


01. Hecq – Dis
02. Chillout – Cold
03. Kettel – Halt Them
04. Hecq – Never Leave
05. Solar Fields – When The Worlds Collide
06. Naono – Healing Process
07. The Field – Then It’s White
08. Marina And The Diamonds – Obsessions (Ooooo Remix)
09. Alexandre Navarro – My Life In Exctasy
10. Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (The Lost Sessions Vol. 1)
11. Naono – Aether Talk
12. Worm Is Green – Synthia (Exos Laidback Mix)
13. Appaloosa – Patchwork (Bostro Pesopeo Remix)
14. M83 – Fountains
15. Moderat – Rusty Nails
16. Hammock – Cruel Sparks
17. Dominik Eulberg – Taeuschnungs Blume
18. Secede – Memory Table Pt. 2

Rob Dowell - Figment Fragments

Rob’s set is said to be inspired by several of the isolatedmix’s which have been featured on ASIP over the past few months, evident by the inclusion of Solar Fields, the Winterlight remix of Bitcrush (featured in isolatedmix14) and of course, Tripswitch‘s ‘Strange Parallel’s’. But don’t let the familiarity put you off; Rob keeps a really nice solid run to this set, with big atmospheric downtempo tracks all tidily blended together and some recognisable favourites including the classic, Gorecki by Lamb and that brilliant track by Rocket Empire. Rob also has quite a few more downtempo mixes to keep you busy, should this leave you craving for more.


Solar Fields – Reborn
Liquid Stranger – Mutants
Bitcrush – Every Sunday (Winterlight Remix)
Krusselfdorf – Verticulate
Sami Halinen – Tripper
Koan – Matariki
Rocket Empire Feat. Minna Fedora – Burr Dub
Tj Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Feat. Jemeni – Once Upon A Rhyme (Jozif Remix)
Le Vinyl – Buscando A Ari Victor
Skeptical – Idimmer
Alexkid – I Think (Dorfmeister And Alexkid Remix)
Lamb – Gorecki (Instrumental And Original Mixes)
Tripswitch – Strange Parallels
The Free Association – Shanghai