Hecq, Eskostatic, Selles, Low Light, 36


Hecq - Night Falls (remaster / repress)

You may remember Ben Lukas Boysen's epic 2008 album Night Falls as one of the best forays into modern classical by a primarily electronic producer. Haunting and powerful, the album has now been remastered and repressed 'to apply a more contemporary sound standard'. Vinyl copies are just 300 strong so be quick and at the very most, 299 as I just snagged one. Available on Bandcamp.

Eskostatic - Sjoenevad Lake

The first track to arrive from a new partnership between Martin Nonstatic and Marcel (Eskobarba) sees the duo dive deeper into their respective territories as Eskostatic. Evidence and promise of a extremely complementing ambient partnership. Free download available on Soundcloud.

Selles - Sunwarper

I stumbled across this album thanks to the ever-dependable Igloo Mag, who billed it as a combination of Ulrich Schnauss and Tycho, which is sure to get heads-turning. However, unlike many productions that sell this parity, Selles does a good job in spanning the broad spectrum of shoegaze inspired electronica, particularly on the Manual/Schanuss-esque Glass Tourists and Haze of Another Day.  Available from Bandcamp

Low Light - Cinema Atmospherica

The Oscars are soon to arrive, but like me you're probably not too excited about the visual feast of celebrities and likely more interested in whether Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto's OST for The Revenant is going to clean-up. It better, because it's one of the finest soundtracks to emerge in a while.  Taking inspiration from this OST, the always great Low Light has put together this emotional scores mix, featuring some of the more recent greats as well as some classic scores. Free download available

Talking of soundtracks, you may be interested in this analysis of Howard Shore's genius behind The Lord Of The Rings OST. Amazing.

36 - M&Q Podcast

You can always count on 36 to put together a choice ambient mix. Featuring tracks from Max Richter, Global Communication, Markus Guentner, ASC and Acronym, it's definitely a mix fit for the ASIP world, penned as 'hugely emotional' in style and boundary. Free download available on Soundcloud.