Mystic & Quantum

36 - Seconds & Forever (exclusive stream)


36 has always been one to conjure strong concepts, artwork and feelings amongst his albums. It's an approach I have always respected and as a result, have been a collector of Dennis Huddleston's records since the beginning. From the beautiful picture disc of Memories In Widescreen, the collection of 7" releases,  the Tape Series, or the detailed artwork of Dream Tempest; every releases has a bigger meaning or emotion to communicate. Dennis' latest album is no exception, as he explores an intrinsic and calculated framework to bring his respected ambient sound to life. 

We stood on the edge of forever
One final dream into time
A silent voice in an empty room
The numbers; We never truly knew
— Seconds & Forever

On the surface, Seconds & Forever is yet another beautiful 12" that expands the immersive and emotional catalog of 36 sounds. The Eno-esque pads that begin the A-side are soon transformed with the slowly evolving strings we played witness to in Dennis' Places Series release, Heather Spa, and a gentle, shining melody that often evokes the deepest of feelings we come to admire from Dennis' work.

Where past 36 albums would often focus or experiment with just one of the above elements in any-one track, you'll soon start to notice that Seconds & Forever is rapid in progression (where ambient albums are concerned anyway). New transformations become evident to the attentive listener, and if you're the keenest of ears (or mathematicians) you may realize Dennis's composition structure is planned down to the tee. 

The entire record was recorded at 106.66bpm so that every 16 bars = 36 seconds of music, which is when each segment/loop changes and new elements are brought in, totalling 36 minutes of music. That’s where the title comes from, and the numbers became the concept for the record. When making it, I imagined someone at the end of their life, looking back on the choices they made, and understanding how key moments shaped them into the person they ultimately became
— 36

To the unknown listener, this is 36 experimenting with the record button to glorious effect - perhaps a live session even, but with Music is Math in mind, and with such consideration, comes a calculated execution that ensures you're drifting for each of the 18-minutes sides. No beats or drastic evolutions, just subtle chords, pads and melodies shifting and playing-out like an extended live score. 

Part equation, part homage; Seconds & Forever is also a nod to some of the early pioneers of ambient/electronic music. As Dennis explains, the record was part-influenced by the "late 70's Tangerine Dream style-LP's, which were always 2 tracks, spread across multiple movements, with the interval occurring when the A side ends and the B side begins. Very few artists work to this standard any more, which is a real shame, as it makes for really enjoyable records in my opinion”.
The record also makes a new venture for 36 with the infamous Mystic & Quantum records (home to DMX Crew) who have adhered to Dennis' attentive detail-led presentation with a beautiful white vinyl press in a silk screen printed sleeve, limited to 200 copies.

Stream Seconds & Forever below, with pre-order available now.

Full release arriving 1st May 2016 via M&Q Bandcamp and Juno.