Cio D'Or, 36, Benoit Pioulard, Echogarden


Cio D'Or - All In All

I've been a big fan of Cio D'Or since a mix she put together with Donato Dozzy some four years ago on mnmlssgs. Just last month, I got wind of a new 10" EP titled Off & On, and if that wasn't enough, the techno producer just dropped her new album, streaming over at Fact.

It's a work of genius, with Fact calling it 'atmospheric' - I'd say this reaches new levels of whatever defined atmospheric - it's straight up driving techno with beautiful compositions, heart-wrenching strings and pure emotion at the core. This might be a little too much for the ambient aficionado's on here but I urge you to play Tomorrow Was Yesterday from the tracks below and go from there... you probably wont re-emerge for quite some time. 

Available via Semantica on May 19th.


36 - Deep Space Mix 26

ASC's Deep Space Mix Series has attracted some of ambient's very best over the past few years. bvdub's had a spin, as has Sam KDC and of course, ASC himself. 

Now's it's turn for Dennis Huddleston aka 36 to step-up, with tracks from Aphex Twin, William Basinski, Slowdive and Hans Zimmer. Dive deeper into space. 

Download / view original post on Auxiliary


Benoit Pioulard - ISO50 Colorcast

I was lucky enough to experience Benoit's live show at a Record Store Day party last week at Beacon Sound (Portland). Showcasing some of his latest music from his release on Kranky titled Sonnet, it was an intimate insight into the mans subtle loops and shimmering melodies, and his latest mix for ISO50 reflects on many of these influences, from the gentle ambience of Cepia, to the folk sounds of Bibio. 

Sonnet is available via Bandcamp.



01, Assembler/Responder, Palmer Station, Bishop & Clerk
02, Alex G, Serpent is Lord, DSU
03, Duane Pitre, Section III, Feel Free
04, Bibio, Dinghy, Green
05, Ricky Eat Acid, In my dreams we're almost touching, Three Love Songs
06, Dirty Beaches, Pacific Ocean, Stateless
07, Carl Hultgren, I Walked Alone [Instrumental], Tomorrow
08, Cepia, Me and My Gin, Cepia
09, Foxes in Fiction, Glow (v079), Ontario Gothic
10, Jib Kidder, Yesterday's Gone [Robitussin Ramble by Benoît Pioulard], Steal Guitars: Fencing Partners


Martin Nonstatic & Frank Sebastian - Echogarden Vol.1

A hefty dub-techno compilation compiled by two of our favourite producers of the genre. This will no doubt introduce you to plenty of new artists and reaffirm our belief that this soft dub-techno sound, is surely becoming bigger and better - all thanks to many of the artists featured here.

Available via Bandcamp.