David Douglas

Passing by: David Douglas, Nikosf, Warmth and an epic Ghostly colab

David Douglas – Moon Observations

Atomnation, head-up by our friend Applescal is on a roll this year. You may have seen me getting excited about the upcoming Gidge album already, but until that time arises, Pascal is treating us to label stalwart David Douglas’ latest, ‘Moon Observations’. A truly immersive journey through different styles of electronica, packed full of instrumentation, emotion and beautiful melodies. The title track below, my favourite of the bunch. Available on Bandcamp.


Nikosf – Collecting The Moments

You probably know Nikosf from his releases on Dewtone (The Forgotten Pieces and Silence Speaks When The Words End), but this is the first release of his to see some action on wax. As you’d expect it’s a love affair with “tranquil soundscapes, minimalistic rhythms and warm dub undertones”. This kind of music is normally reserved for digital only, maybe CD, so it’s great to see it getting a full vinyl press. Available on Decks.de


MOSHImix22 – Warmth

Continuing the deep and dubby vibe is Warmth, with a guest mix for MOSHItaka. Featuring Doyeq and Martin Nonstatic you should know what rabbit hole this is going down. If you’re new to Warmth, check out his own Soundcloud page for some beautiful productions of his own.



Alex Humann – Slave
Audub – Sonar Dub
Doyeq – Sine
Stefan Gubatz – An
BdTom – Humanoids
Havantepe – Melody For Penelope
Yernesto – Deep Ambition
Andrea Cichecki – Subjective
Stefan Gubatz – Aus
Martin Nonstatic – Quantum Dub
Van Bonn – Onwards II

Christopher Willits / Heathered Pearls / The Sight Below – Collider

Lastly, and with little explanation needed, is this mega-lineup of Ghostly all-stars going all-in. “Collider” is a collaborative track between Christopher Willits, Heathered Pearls, and The Sight Below made using Splice (splice.com/) to promote Michael Cina and John Klukas’ upcoming show in Minneapolis”.

I thought this was going to be a pretty dark piece given those involved, but instead it’s a refreshingly beautiful piece of music that wouldn’t be out of a place underlying an epic reflective moment on a movie Soundtrack; think Underworld’s ‘To Heal’ or some of Clint Mansell’s work, but with added #dronelife.


Photo by astrangelyisolatedplace – Monkey Face/ Smith Rock, Oregon.

Atomnation – Anniversary Compilation ’10’

Atomnation is just over a year old now, and looking back at its small but growing catalogue, label honcho Applescal can definitely hold his head high on getting some new talented artists on board and some exquisite music out to us all.

Launched under his alias ‘Yoshiba 87′ (featured on ASIP here), Atomnation has amassed a beautiful library of electronica and has opened me up to a new breed of artists including David Douglas and more recently, Gidge. Ten releases in and it’s time for a quick reflection on the achievements so far with this compilation.

In an electronic dominated world where Boards of Canada take all the headlines, take some time to absorb what the new kids on the block are bringing us – it’s definitely worth it.

Available to download below or on Bandcamp for pay-what-you-want.