isolatedmix 62 - Benoît Pioulard


A Kranky Records regular since 2006, Thomas Meluch has slowly but surely earned a swell of respect and admiration from the wider ambient community through his textured instrumental manipulations.

As well as his Benoît Pioulard pseudonym, Thomas has also produced alongside Rafael Anton Irisarri as Orcas, with two albums on Morr Music, and more recently, released my favorite album of his to date; Sonnet, which I was lucky to witness live on a hot Portland summer evening last year.  2016 however, sees a bitter-sweet production in his latest release, Radial; treating us listeners to some special unreleased productions, including his own take on an Aphex Twin classic, Stone In Focus.

Just like Aphex's ambient classics, such as Rhubarb, Thomas' interpretations and indeed his productions in general, reproduce this simplicity and swell of emotion.  Radial captures the very essence of Thomas's work, as a spectrum of degrading colors, gently shift in waves of warmth, static and blanketing drones.

Radial, comes under disappointing circumstances however, with Thomas recently breaking his wrist while hiking, hindering him from working and producing. Funds from the EP (currently name your price on Bandcamp) will go towards medical bills and lost hours of production. 

A track from the EP has the final word in Benoît's isolatedmix, appending a considered mixture of music that has helped keep him company since his injury:  "these are some of the records that I've found to be most healing over the past couple of weeks while mostly kind of cooped up at home with books, movies and cats." Healing indeed, as the mix drifts between soothing deepness in Warmth's recent ambient output; Markus Guentner's, Baryon; and Zane Trow's futuristic experimentations, alongside moments of uplifting light from Bibio, Chilly Gonzalez and Elvis Depressedly


1. Ant'lrd : Aplomb : Split
2. Andrew Chalk : Untitled : The River That Flows Into the Sands
3. Colin Stetson : This Bed of Shattered Bone : New History Warfare Vol. 3
4. Elvis Depressedly : Weird Honey : Holo Pleasures
5. Future 3 : Trmbns : With and Without
6. Warmth : Odessa : Essay
7. Memory Drawings : Sunstruck : Music for Another Loss
8. Markus Guentner : Baryon : Theia 
9. Saint Hildegard : Ave Generosa : A feather on the breath of God
10. E and I : A Perhaps Song : An Inch of Air
11. Chilly Gonzalez : Rideaux Lunaires : Solo Piano II
12. Zane Trow : Arcade : For Those Who Hear Actual Voices
13. Bibio : Wren Tails : A Mineral Love
14. Kyle Bobby Dunn : Duck-Faced Fantasy : Kyle Bobby Dunn and The Infinite Sadness
15. Benoît Pioulard : Madrigal : Radial

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isolatedmix 55 - Loess


I bet you can think of a number of notorious electronica duos you wish had made more music. There seemed to be a certain rarity to them a while back, and in the past ten years or so, many have submerged into the studio never to surface again. They probably live-on through a Discogs vinyl want-list, or a name that sits top of your mind every-time you go crate-digging - I'll just check under 'A' anyway... JUST in-case this shop somehow has an early Autechre record ...

One of these duos are Loess. Formed of Clay Emerson and Ian Pullman, their last release together was in 2009, but their heyday was back in 2002/2003 with an innovative self-titled album on Nonresponse and a defining IDM piece on Toytronic, titled 3D Concepts Part 2  - this slice of orange vinyl gets a reaction every time - an absolutely stunning piece of glitchy-beats underpinned by beautiful melodies. 


Loess then followed up with a limited 7" on n5MD and an album titled Wind & Water. It was this album which seemed to solidify an IDM cult-following and an ever loyal fan-base, which has since been heard echoing the electronic music forums begging for more; comparing them to Aphex Twin or BoC amongst others, and reminiscing the defining days of IDM.

Loessisolatedmix transports you into the eclectic minds of two producers at the front of the IDM era of yesteryear - what their music and that style has gone on to influence nowadays is unquantifiable, yet their musical heritage can be traced back to numerous styles and influences. From the undeniable sound of Squarepusher, Autechre, Aphex and Boards of Canada, to dub and nordic folk; these are tracks that will always sit top of their minds irrespective of genre: "Each of these songs sound just as good today, as they did the first time we heard them".

A sentiment that's undoubtedly echoed when slipping on a Loess album. Luckily, the duo are working on new material and plan to be releasing new music in the future...



01. Augustus Pablo - Burial Dub
02. Squarepusher - Lambic 5 Poetry
03. Arovane - Thaem Nue
04. Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsam
05. Mum - We have a map of the piano
06. Nick Drake - Road
07. Vasen - Slunken
08. Bibio - Quantock
09. Orchestra Baobab - Utrus Horas
10. Rhythm & Sound w/ Shalom - We Been Troddin
11. Plug - DBC
12. Boards of Canada - Everything You Do Is a Balloon
13. Autechre - Draun Quarter