Arrows Down

ASIP010 Arrows Down - Swings


Flight is a beautiful thing. For many of us, it’s the ultimate freedom, a fleeting few seconds or hours where the weight of the world isn’t weighing us down, just pulling us back. Perhaps the most graceful adventure, it creates panorama and paranoia, inspires fascination and a purity of awe that’s difficult to recreate on terra firma. It’s a captivation ArrowsDown felt from an early age. 

“When I was a child, I wanted to fly,” he starts, “one afternoon, I was being pushed back and forth on a swing, enjoying the ignorance of infancy. I let go in full swing and this piece sounds like what I remember of the moment before I met the ground.” 

‘Swings’ takes its cues from a simple beauty. Beyond the point of release, it captures the gradual, slow motion descent back to earth, and those precious seconds where you feel truly free. Guided by tremulous strings and the tender piano line, it plots every revolution of the gentle tumble towards the ground but here, somewhat wonderfully, it doesn’t feel like you ever land.