Anders Peterson

ASIP003 - relapxych.0 - Tegelbacken Nightlights


Characterised by space, abandonment and dormancy, ‘Tegelbacken Nightlights’ takes its cues from urban decay. Crafted around a shifting scene of emptiness and dereliction, light and dark are intertwined, shifting between night and day; letting the darkness seep and the light carve through. 

It’s a slow, languorous metamorphosis that revels in eerie sensibilities created by creaks and groans, ominous echoed footsteps and an unmistakeable sense of isolation. But it’s one that’s built on exploration and an acceptance of being engulfed by the unknown; of going deeper into a place that only serves to pull you further away from the familiar. 

Within it all, there’s also unintentional beauty, the sort that can only be unwittingly appreciated or uncovered and it makes ‘Tegelbacken Nightlights’ a foreboding ode to the everyday. Inspired by the prospect of regeneration and recovery, even in the greyest wastelands, there’s hope. This is a tribute to finding salvation in the forgotten. (Words by Reef Younis).