Helios - Remembrance


Following Keith Kenniff's music since 2006(ish), I've seen the subtle twists in his beautiful productions, his maturity in sound and the complimentary aliases he has spawned.

Helios' has always existed in this perfect space between ambient music, modern classical and electronica. The warm textures create an inviting space, Keith's instruments create stories, and the subtle beat-work and electronics, often compliment the aforementioned without pushing it too far; all together, creating emotional and comforting pieces of work.

Many would say their favorite album from Helios was Eingya, from back in 2006. My favourite track of his, Vargtimme is a part of this album and captures the very essence of why I love Helios' music. It's a defining ambient piece, extremely vivid and emotional, reminding me of a slow moving landscape with a million stories to be told. 

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of this defining album, Keith has released Remembrance; a collection of unreleased tracks, which to me echo the feel of Eingya from a decade past. Land Father in particular, gives me the same feels as Vargtimme, with its expansive strings, melancholic story and grainy texture. 

Available on Bandcamp as 'name your price'.

10 years ago I released my second album, Eingya. The album marked a significant time in my life of self-discovery both as a young man and as a musician. Since its release I’ve traveled the world with these songs, and heard from other’s experiences with the music in times of joy, sadness, relationships, deaths and births. It brings me happiness to know that such a connection has been made, and the music has touched people. I never expected this music to find an audience outside of my studio and a handful of friends/family.

Thank You
— Keith Kenniff