(ghost) – ‘Departure’ exclusive stream


I’m always excited to share new music, especially from new artists on great labels. So it gives me pleasure to bring to you all an exclusive first listen of (ghost)‘s new album, ‘Departure’ soon to be released on one of our favourite outputs, n5MD.

(ghost) is Brian Froh, from Connecticut, USA. Influenced by the likes of fellow label mate Proem, as well as the notorious Boards of Canada, ‘Departure’ is a personal journey blending together “an eclectic series of moods including hope, fear, and the pursuit of a better self”. The mixture of evolving and dynamic states are clearly evident throughout the album, wrapped amongst skittering beats, addictive melodies and evocative synth-work.

A sound similar to the likes of Loess, Ametsub, Crisopa and the aforementioned Proem are evident throughout, but (ghost) does a very good job of evoking feeling throughout – something that’s very hard to do with this kind of electronica. Complex beat structures and multiple instruments sometimes do little to compensate the narrative of music, but as the likes of Aphex Twin and Autechre have mastered, when it works, it works well and (ghost) is definitely someone who has started to nurture this process with Departure.

It’s an album that evolves, and does much to the imagination, a superb debut and an even better addition to the ever-growing roster on n5MD.

Depature will be available on the 9th April through n5MD and can be pre-ordered here

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