Dustin Morris – Waterscape I (ASIP Exclusive)


It’s got to a point with some labels that nearly every release they put out, I want to feature on the site. Sometimes I don’t have the time, sometimes I forget and things pass me by, so, instead of letting all that good music go unheard, i’ve decided to put together a few features on my favourites. Up first, we dive into the world of Dewtone, with label founder, Dustin Morris.

Dewtone are responsible for two of my favourite EP’s of the past two years; Brando Lupi – Aural, and Martin Nonstatic – Cosmic Shapes. And the rest on the roster aren’t far behind. Dustin has kept his output consistent, with quality and style ever since the first release, and boasts an amazing bunch of artists under the Dewtone umbrella including Brando, Martin, Alveol/Purl (Ludvig Cimbrelius), Marco Madia,HaloSyeneAli KhanMeeshaAntendex, and Nadia Popoff – all of which, were previously new to my ears.

I had originally asked Dustin to compile a mix featuring music from the label (given it’s all pretty much amazing) but instead, he chose to expand on this approach and also incorporate the other major creative half of Dewtone – Dewtone Radio. This mix is indeed something special, expertly curated, and a true insight into Dewtone, it mimics the very essence of the label, with soft textures, beautiful melodies and pictures of calm waters, scattering clouds and dusky sunsets. Neatly tied together with an inspired theme; ‘Waterscapes’ is the first of potentially many similar mixes which Dustin will endeavor to complete.

The goal with this mix was to showcase some of the music that is being promoted through Dewtone Radio. I didn’t want to focus exclusively on the label because that’s just a small chunk of the audio that I’ve been working with over the last few years. When I started working on this project, I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to say everything I wanted to say with just one mix. The music ended up working together beautifully in a way that I was able to produce complete soundscapes that almost sounded like one piece.





1. Dadub – Biopoiesis / Stroboscopic Artefacts
2. Martin Nonstatic – Sub Atomic / Dewtone Recordings
3. Taho – Alpha Rain / Lumina
4. Arc Of Doves – Natalis / ROHS!
5. Mon0 – Dreaming / Silent Season
6. Alveol – Living Crystal / Dewtone Recordings
7. Anton Zap – Water / Ethereal Sound
8. Brickman – Lux / Monography
9. Alveol – Alignment (Nikosf. Brightly Aligned Remix) / Lovezone Records
10. Fingers In The Noise – Weekend… Finally! / Self released
11. Bjorn Rohde – Intentionally Gone / Multitap Records

Photo courtesy of Random Hero 58.