James Bernard / Atwater (ASIPV014)

With productions dating back to 1994, James Bernard has gained a cult following for his combination of atmospheric analog beats and modular synthesizers. His debut album, ‘Atmospherics’ is often heralded as a classic by the diggers who stumble across it, and James’ 'Unreleased Works' are a hidden gem of early 90’s electronica (if you’re lucky enough to own a copy on CDR of course).

James has been busy experimenting and refining his modular setup over the years, to the extent that a full album of beautiful music, created live in one take on a sunny afternoon, comes to life once more here on ASIP.

‘Atwater', was performed live during a 2018 'Modular On The Spot’ event, held in Los Angeles’ North Atwater Park. With his custom analog modular rig, a small set of speakers and a generator, James took the afternoon audience on a glistening tour of the beautiful sounds to emerge from a Moog Mother 32, custom built filters and various Eurorack modular sequencers, modules and effects.

After hearing James' set, ASIP proposed presenting the music in permanent form for everyone who missed that special day. James initially took the chance to recreate the set and edit versions ready for a release, but after careful consideration, it was decided to release the raw unedited live version of his set (mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri) forever cementing that special moment and irreplaceable emotion found in North Atwater Park that one afternoon.


Available in transparent purple vinyl (300 copies), matte-laminated sleeve, including digital download.

Release date: February 25th 2019


'Atwater' track list:
A1. Atwater
A2. Hands
B1. Shifting Registers
B2. A Feeling
B3. End Of An Era
Atwater Full live Set (Bandcamp Digital only)

All songs written and produced by James Bernard.
Vocal textures on “A Feeling” by Cynthia Field.
Recordings originally performed at Modular On The Spot,
Los Angeles, on 3.25.2018.
Artwork & Design by Noah M / Keep Adding.
Additional layout by Molly Smith
Organic Photography by Chris Dooks.
Analog Photography by James Bernard.