36 / Fade To Grey (Reinterpreted) (ASIPV013CD)


36’s cyberpunk-inspired album Fade To Grey is given a deeper, more ambient-leaning reinterpretation. Designed to be listened to as a continuous mix, 36 draws out the rich layers and distant samples into long-form versions of the original dystopian Fade To Grey story.

This was previously only available as a bonus CD with the main Fade To Grey LP, now made available as a general release.


Available as a Limited Edition CD and digital download through ASIP Bandcamp and streaming on all platforms.

Released: September 9th 2019.

'Fade To Grey Reinterpreted' track list:

A1. DNI (Reinterpreted) - 09:28
A2. Apartment 451 (Reinterpreted) - 06:59 
B1. Esper (Reinterpreted) - 08:30 
B2. Night Rain (Reinterpreted) - 06:35
C1. D.R.E.A.M Link (Reinterpreted) - 06:11
C2. Midnight Tether (Reinterpreted) - 06:03 
C3. Soul Boundary (Reinterpreted) - 07:37 
D1. Fade To Grey (Reinterpreted) - 17:25

Written, produced and artwork by Dennis Huddleston. 
Mastered by Dennis Huddleston.