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Markus Guentner  / Live @ Synestheisa / Ukraine 2016

The first live performance of Markus Guentner's album, Theia accompanied by custom visuals and footage from his official Theia teaser video.

Markus Guentner  / Redshift

Video by Jan Goldfuss.
Markus Guentner / Theia available here.


Merrin Karras  / Liberant

Video by Jan Goldfuss.
Merrin Karras / Apex available here.

Merrin Karras  / Liberant

Video by Ryan Griffin (ASIP). 

Video includes footage from "Battle Beyond The Sun" (1959/1962).  Footage used under Public Domain. 

Merrin Karras / Apex available here.

Markus Guentner  / Theia (preview)

Video by Jan Goldfuss.
Markus Guentner / Theia available here.