ASIP - Reflection on 2010


You’ve seen the A-Z of music which made my 2010, but what’s a year-end wrap-up without a mix?!

A reflection on 2010 is an overview of my favourite artists and albums of the year. Whilst some tracks may not necessarily be the best from each respective album, I’ve gone for those that fit the overall mix. And of course, by doing this I’ve missed out plenty and the more upbeat electronica has been left to one side for now… But I’m hoping you’ll value this as a listening experience rather than just a year end list.

Once again, thanks to all the artists featured and I hope you all enjoy it. If you fancy any of the tracks featured, follow the album links in the tracklisting below (some are free!)



01. 36 – Geiga [Hollow]
02. Nest – Charlotte [Retold]
03. Mig Dfoe – Real de 14 [The Stone Master]
04. Ous Mal – Marraskuu [Nuojuva Halava]
05. Loscil – Fern and Robin [Endless Falls]
06. bvdub – No One Will Ever Find You Here [The Art Of Dying Alone]
07. Pantha Du Prince – Im Bann [Black Noise]
08. Thomas Fehlmann – Falling Into Your Eyes [Gute Luft]
09. Elika – Stand Still [Snuggle Bunnies]
10. Ulrich Schnauss + Manual – In Odense [Epic]
11. Solar Fields – Unite [Origin#01]
12. Stellardrone – Milliways [Energostatic] FREE
13. Dalot – XX [The Reconstruction Of Fives]
14. D_rradio – Midnight on a Moonless Night [Parts]
15. Horizon Fire – Denver River Logging [Chemtrail] FREE
16. Foxes in Fiction – Karma Bank [Swung From The Branches] FREE
17. Rhian Sheehan – Texture 2 [Unreleased]
18. Casino Versus Japan – Hello You [Night On Tape]
19. Verulf – Sunlight and Sea [Self titled] FREE
20. Dextro – Ring Cycle (Live version) [Zero Circle]

isolatedmix 12 - 36

There’s nothing better than finding a new artist, a new sound and several accompanying albums to dive into. Tell a lie… there is. When that artist provides a 70 minute insight into his favourite music and influences behind such recently favoured productions.

Isolatedmix 12 is brought to you by Dennis Huddleston aka 36 (or 3Six recordings). With three albums under his belt and several other limited releases, some of you may have already come across his stunning ambient productions on the albums, ‘Hypersona’, ‘Hollow’ or ‘Memories in Widescreen’. They’ve been on my iPod for the past few weeks after a bulk purchase and I would recommend them all to any reader of this blog. But, not before you’ve had a listen to this beauty of course…

Intense and emotive drones alongside minimal classical moments, Dennis has selected some beautiful pieces for this atmospheric isolatedmix. As you can see from the artists included, it’s a dig into some ASIP featured producers (Markus Guentner and Irisarri) along with some I haven’t had the pleasure of, until now. So without further a do, get this on the download, have a read of Dennis’ track notes below, and then go hibernate in front of some breathtaking scenery with this on your headphones.



01. Chris Watson – 10m
02. Thomas Köner – Teimo
03. Deathprod – Treetop Drive 3
04. Markus Guentner – Wenn Musik Der Liebe Nahrung Ist
05. Celer – Balsam
06. William Basinski – El camino Real
07. Arvo Pärt – Für Alina (Rafael Anton Irisarri Cover)
08. Bass Communion – Ghosts On Magnetic Tape II
09. Mono – Due Foglie, Una Candela : Il Soffio Del Vento
10. Christian Fennesz – Plays Charles Matthews
11. Arovane – Scapen Te
12. Grouper – Sick
13. Talvihorros – Handwriting (Part II)
14. Resignation – I (2)
15. 36 – After Time

Chris Watson – 10m
“One man and his microphone, capturing the ordinary and making it sound extra-ordinary”

Thomas Köner – Teimo
“The master of dark, ultra-minimal ambient and a guaranteed sub shaker. This track is quite different though and is his most emotive release for me.”

Deathprod – Treetop Drive 3
“One of my all time fav artists, who sadly no longer makes music under the Deathprod alias. My absolute fav tune of his is “Dead People’s Things” but he also made a very limited release a few years earlier called “Treetop Drive” which was thankfully reissued on the 4CD retrospective. It has quite a Basinski vibe to it and was an instant win for me.”

Markus Guentner – Wenn Musik Der Liebe Nahrung Ist
“I always liked Kompakt, mainly because it is owned by the chief ambient techno maestro himself, Wolfgang Voigt aka Gas. However, while the label can often be a little inconsistent in quality for me, “1981” by Markus Guentner was an instant fav, especially because of this track. It is the perfect blend of shoegaze and atmospheric, emotional ambient. His publisher Sony once contacted me, asking if I wanted to release his last album “Doppelgänger” on my label, which was quite funny. Not because of the music (it is great), but rather it was strange to have a massive, global name like Sony recognise my own personal imprint!”

Celer – Balsam
“Celer make beautiful, longform drones and are alarmingly prolific. Incredibly annoying because they are also consistently brilliant! A love story, with a sad ending, but with a lasting legacy we can all enjoy forever”

William Basinski – El camino Real
“I always loved that John Cage quote “If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all.” It seems William Basinski took it to heart and completely mastered the process. For me, once I get a loop burrowed in my head, it’s game over. It’s all I can think about. He makes wonderful music, which sounds beautiful whether you listen to it for 2 minutes or 60.”

Arvo Pärt – Für Alina (Rafael Anton Irisarri Cover)
“I have to give props to Rafael for having the balls to do a cover of this and achieve the impossible – making a tasteful, sensitive remix of a cherished Arvo Pärt tune, which both respects the original and takes it to wonderful new places.”

Bass Communion – Ghosts On Magnetic Tape II
“A classic isolationist album, from a highly successful and prolific artist. I always found Steven a fascinating guy, since he has achieved worldwide commercial fame with Porcupine Tree, yet still takes the time to experiment with music and reach completely different audiences. He also allowed me to remix his BC back catalogue and let me release the CD as a bonus disc with my new vinyl record. How many other rock stars would do that? Respect to Steven Wilson.”

Mono – Due Foglie, Una Candela : Il Soffio Del Vento
“I bought this record, because I thought it was quite amusing that Cameron Crowe ran a vinyl label. The music is anything but laughable and is my favourite Mono record.”

Christian Fennesz – Plays Charles Matthews
“Fennesz turns the organ into an emotional beast of an instrument, releaased on a limited 7″ on the always wonderful Touch label. I spoke to Christian when I put my first album out and he was nice enough to not only to give a complete stranger his address, but also to take the time to listen to my music, leave some lovely feedback and then give it to the Touch guys. Solid bloke.”

Arovane – Scapen Te
“I always thought Arovane got a bit of a raw deal, being compared to Autechre and the like, when the vast majority of his music sounds nothing like them. This tune in particular is incredibly moving and minimal and something I like to dig out often. Alas, he doesn’t make music any more, but thankfully he has a wonderful back catalogue to delve into.”

Grouper – Sick
“Liz makes dreamy, ethereal drones using a Wurlitzer piano and her voice. She has a superb, very individual approach to song writing and has a loyal following now – I should know, i’m one of them! She is getting better and better with every release.”

Talvihorros – Handwriting (Part II)
“Talvihorros is Ben Chatwin from London, who contacted me one day saying he liked my tunes. As it happens, he makes really brilliant, highly emotive music himself and we have kept in touch via email since. Maybe a future collab in the waiting? Regardless, buy his music!”

Resignation – I (2)
“Sadly, I don’t know much about the artist in question, but I found this record on youtube a year or so ago and it made a lasting impression. I’m running out of adjectives to describe these tracks, but needless to say it is brilliant.”

36 – After Time
“It’s me, innit. Thanks for listening”

ASIP - Inspirations (Live set)


This has been sitting in the ASIP vaults for quite some time now – a DJ mix I recorded about three years ago featuring some of my all time favourite tracks, most of which inspired me to set-up this site. My friends CDJ’s were on loan and together with my turntables, I set off with the aim to complete my first ‘downtempo’ DJ set, recorded live with no computer intervention whatsoever.

I spent half the morning trawling through my favourites, sorting by BPM and putting in to some kind of coherent order and was expecting tens, if not thousands of attempts before I got this right. Luckily, it was done in one go – probably the biggest fluke of my life considering the amount of intro’s I looped and my relative inexperience using CDJ’s.

You’ll likely recognise all the tracks here, so I’m hoping you enjoy the overall flow of the mix as well as the classics I’ve included. I was going to talk through each track but seeing as most of you have been following this blog for a while now, you probably already know what I would say about music like this... no surprises here.

I hope you enjoy it.

1. Aphex Twin – Rhubarb
2. Underworld – To Heal
3. Global Communication – 14.31
4. DJ Shadow – Blood on the Motorway
5. Ulrich Schnauss – Between us and them
6. Boards of Canada – Dayvan Cowboy
7. Bibio – Cherry Blossom Road
8. Honeyroot – State of mind
9. Thievery Corporation – Shaolin Satellite
10. James Bong – Never Say?
11. Aim – Cold Water Music
12. Boards of Canada – Happy Cycling
13. Ulrich Schnauss – A letter from home
14. 7 Hurtz – Malibu
15. Biosphere – Kobresia


ASIP - Traumbient


There was a time when I was hunting down every single release on this label. ‘T’ for techno. ‘Minimal’. ‘German Techno’. ‘Kompakt & similar’. ‘Electronic’… Find the box, find Traum. Find the LP’s. Find the EP’s. Find them all.

Beginning with some of the first outputs from Phillipe Cam, Miss Dinky and Process, Traum Schallplatten went on to introduce me to Fairmont, Jesse Somfay, Nathan Fake, Minilogue and Dominik Eulberg. Responsible for the introduction of many of these artists to a wider audience, Traum still stays true to it’s original ethos today and continues to deliver hypnotic, melodic and defining techno.

Looking through Traum’s extensive ten year catalogue, you’ll find big hitters such as Minilogue’s ‘Certain Things’Nathan Fake’s ‘Dinamo’,and Dominik Eulberg’s ‘Der Buchdrucker’, to name just a few of my favourites. Dig a little further and you’ll also stumble across a more gentle side of melodic techno tucked away in the Traum vaults.

For this mix, i’ve put the dance-floor orientated tracks to one side and focused on some of the more ambient outputs in a hope to reflect a treasured yet sometimes overlooked side of Cologne’s finest export. I’ve included releases that reflect the deep, atmospheric, gentle but unexpected sounds I’ve come to associate with this great label; from 1999’s Fantasias Animadas, to Max Coopers ‘Sea of Sound’, set to be released this month.

Here’s my own little dedication to a defining techno label.



01. Iquinn – Fall [TRAUMCD08]
02. Broker-Dealer – Stormy [TRAUMCD07]
03. Miss Dinky – Nora [TRAUMV11]
04. Fantasias Animadas – Mike’s Road [TRAUMCD01]
05. Waki – Baikamo [TRAUMCD06]
06. Kubikov & Milutenko – Structure [TRAUM13]
07. Process – Room [TRAUMCD13]
08. Kubikov & Milutenko – Special Communication [TRAUM13]
09. Gustavo Lamas – Dulces [TRAUMCD02]
10. Leandro Fresco – Recordable [TRAUMCD01]
11. Yuxtapose – Sciex Elan [TRAUMCD01]
12. Oxtongue – Elba Life [TRAUMCD07]
13. Darmush – Rarpa [TRAUMCD11]
14. Max Cooper – Sea Of Sound (Ambient rework) [TRAUMV131]

ASIP - Balearic Brilliance


It’s been a while since I visited the White Isle, but the influences from my visits still ring true today – I’m a sucker for classic Balearic chill-out.

It’s getting seriously cold in the UK now and with the summer long gone, we’re all wishing we were  somewhere else. The first in a two-part series, the idea for this mix come from a short tweet conversation between DJ Rich-Ears and I. A little love for a Balearic track and before we knew it, the challenge had been thrown down.

My choices reflect some of my fondest and personal memories – specific days, nights and mornings. You’ll find classic balearic chill, to more recent efforts and even a hint of my trance influence.

ASIP was up first. DJ Rich-Ears to follow with Pt 2.



01. Rhian Sheehan – Te Karanga
Not only can Rhian strut with the finest cinematics, Balearic also comes naturally.

02. Language Lab – Burning Disaster (Groove Armada Bedtime Story remix)
The original is totally different. Instant relaxation with this one.

03. Ganga – Luna
Ganga is one of them artist’s you can brush over too easily. ‘I Dream About Trees’ is a must if you like this track.

04. Jose Padilla – Adios Ayer (Paul Daley remix)
Ibiza’s father of chill meets Mr Leftfield. What else could you wish for? The original is hard to beat, but Paul Daley provides a modern twist on a Balearic beauty.

05. The Beloved – The Sun Rising (Tom Middleton DnB edit)
A classic Ibiza track revamped into a subtle Drum’n Bass style by Global Communication’s Tom Middleton.

06. Mark’s & Henry’s – (The Making Of…) Jill / A conversation with Rickie Lee Jones
Retro Ibiza, with a little sample which epitomises Ibiza for me. Overused maybe, but I’m never one to stay on trend.

07. Rocket Empire – Montezuma’s revenge
One of the newest tracks on here, great synth progression and really atmospheric.

08. Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Michael Woods ambient remix)
My all-time favourite trance track stripped back to the core, and focused on the one part which everyone has come to love.

09. Moby – My Beautiful Blue Sky
Moby’s early ambient productions are still as influential as they were in 1993.

10. Chris Coco – My Sunset
Chris Coco needs no introduction and deserves his place amongst the tracklist. The vocal in this track takes you somewhere else…

11. Dousk – Anagram
A hard one to fit in. First heard on Sako’s ‘Last Days’, this track was made for Balearic Chill and had to be included.