Tongues Of Light

ASIP - Subtempo Guest Mix 012


Last year we featured one of the first releases from the Subtempo crew; this lovely Alejandro Bento album and its accompanying remixes. Fast-forward a year and Subtempo have some ambitious plans with both the label and their new website/blog, and they’ve invited me to help kick-off the newly refreshed design by contributing to their ongoing guest mix series. There’s also a little Q&A with yours truly should you be interested!

For full background on the mix and to read the interview, head over to Subtempo here.

Big thanks to Rocco and Subtempo for the support, invite and the great feature.


01. Tongues of Light - Healing Side [Pre-Cert]
02. DJ Healer - At Last (Becoming The Storm) [All Possible Worlds]
03. DJ Richard - Dissolving World [Dial]
04. Lori Scacco - Other Flowers [Mysteries Of The Deep]
05. Sonae - Soul Eater [Monika Enterprise]
06. Sophia Loizou - Order Of Elements [Kathexis]
07. Strië - Capsule [Serein]
08. Christoph De Babalon - High Life (Theme) [DHR]
09. Abul Mogard - Quiet Dreams [Ecstatic]
10. Hands - Beelitz Heilstatten Pt6 [Ecstatic]
11. Suzanne Ciani - Quadrophonic Part One [Atmospheric]
12. M Geddes Gangras - Kalapana [Umor Rex]
13. DJ Healer - Hopes And Fears [All Possible Worlds]
14. 747 - Cretaceous (edit) [Aquaregia]
15. Hotel Neon - Roke [Archives]
16. 36 - Soul Boundary [A Strangely Isolated Place - forthcoming]


ASIP - Formation


Mixes coming like buses from Camp ASIP!

This mix was originally put together for the Mysteries of the Deep podcast, but I decided on another route in the end. I can't let this one deteriorate on my hard drive though, so here we go! More techno focused, with many of my favorite releases of 2017 so far making an appearance that deserved to be heard. 


01. Gonzalo F Cardoso - A Study Into 21st Century Drone Acoustics [Discrepant]
02. nthng - Touches [Lobster Theremin
03. Arovane - III_I [Éter Editions]
04. 36 - Further Room 4 [A Strangely Isolated Place]
05. Acronym - Final Descent [Auxiliary
06. ASC - Come To Ruin [Silent Season]
07. SVLBRD - Hvit [Faint
08. Claudio PRC - Plantae [TGP
09. Luigi Tozzi - Wadjet (Wa Wu We’s 4th Dimension) [Hypnus Records]
10. Artefakt - Entering The City [Delsin
11. Mind Over Midi - Soft Science [Rohs!
12. Steve Good - Mercury [MFYL]
13. Ishq - Knul […txt] + Tongues Of Light - Healing [Pre-cert]
14. Loess - Wrikken [n5MD]
15. Aukai - Snow Works (Abul Mogard Rework) [Self released]
16. Sebastian Paul - Zen Temple [Dewtone]


Tongues Of Light ‎– Channelled Messages At The End Of History


There's a certain threshold of ambient music that most people can tolerate. It's always interesting to see where this lies with friends when I play them something new, or recommend a new album. Often the dark drones are just too intense and it's "just noise"; sometimes the light and airy pads sound too "boring", or sometimes it's just a little bit "too weird" for them. "One for the chin-strokers" is a common phrase that comes to mind...

This one falls into the latter. 

From the elusive Tongues Of Light comes a unique vinyl release constructed of found sounds, from Youtube videos to be exact. I picked it up after Boomkat gave it praise and immediately held it up as one of those collectables you'll be lucky to stumble on in years to come. 

Channelled Messages At The End Of History comes from Demdike Stare and Andy Votel's label Pre-Cert Home Entertainment, but the comforting familiarity stops there. From the freaky cover-art, to the words surrounding the press, there's no doubt some serious consideration and introspective thought put into the findings and samples on the record. Split into two recordings; "Healing Side" and "Awakening Side", the record takes you through interesting sounds, interspersed with improvisation, and weaved together like a black-and-white history book of paganism and any other cult beliefs that fit a weird and mysterious stereotype.

With the drones, distorted church howls and religious callings, also comes Eno-esque moments, as the "Healing Side" finishes with a gentle ethereal experience under a calming female voice. The voices continue on the "Awakening Side", and despite not knowing what language you're listening to (likely on purpose), the new-age, medieval sounding chants are long enough to actively engage with, and short enough to evolve the storytelling throughout the chapters, and keep this thing sounding great. 

As best put on the Discogs page, the "Channelled glossolalic material from various multidimensional entities" are a dive into a very weird and wonderful world, but just as the KLF presented us with nothing but samples and weird noises on Chill Out, this record will no doubt have a similar juxtaposing cult appeal. At the very least, it will be seen as a modern (retro) dive into found sounds and sampling within ambient music. 

Elvis, an evangelist's sermon, an intense salesman, and a detailed news report of a fatal road accident featured in KLF's masterpiece. Fast forward 26 years, and Youtube has evidently inspired a new breed of found sounds, ranging from meditation videos, chanting, lullabies and gentle multi-lingual sound poetry. It's a weird and wonderful world out there.

Listen / available on Boomkat.

(Sound samples will be posted if/when they become available).