Specta Ciera

#NoBanNoWall Bandcamp recommends


Today, Bandcamp are donating all of their profits from sales to ACLU. Read more about this great initiative here. To help with your splurge, here's 10 recommends you can purchase to contribute to the greater cause. 

Touched - Covert II EP (Touched)

Do double good in the world, by grabbing Touched's latest mysteriously produced IDM monster. The producers behind these records remain anonymous - but if it was Plaid, BoC or Aphex, I wouldn't be surprised. Proceeds from Touched go toward Macmillan Cancer Relief. See past Touched reviews here.

Jonathan Fitoussi - Imaginary lines (Further Records)

One of my favorite records from the always dependable Further Records, also donating their profits. Some great melodic, analogue wizardry - and two LP's remaining at the time of writing. 

Specta Ciera - Signal Return (Energostatic)

This album's set as name your price, so don't go entering '0' - in fact, you never should, as it doesn't add an album to your Bandcamp collection for other people to explore. So find some $ for this great dub-techno album by Specta Ciera.

Faru - Through Darkness Comes Light (Silent Season)

Buy it, if nothing, for its optimistic title in times of darkness. But hey, if you're not superstitious, you'll love the depth of this debut from Faru on our friends Silent Season. I fell asleep to this album last night and 'Sunrise At Bratan' should be enough to persuade you.

Crisopa - Transhumante (Self)

Crisopa  (n5MD alumn) hasn't popped up on these pages for a while now, but his new album dropped just this week. Don't let the artwork fool you into thinking this is anything other than some unique, melodic and intelligent electronica we've come to love - start with 'I am the lord of these ruins'.  Again, name your price, so be kind.

Ben Woods - A World Without Color (Self)

Ben's been creating the kind of emotional, modern-classical/ambient/post-rock music that the likes of Helios, Hammock, Rhian Sheehan etc have made very popular. Ben's latest release is much more raw than many, more instrumental and attached, perfect for daydreaming and window watching. 'Endless Lines of Infinite Light' is my fav from the album. Name your price so be kind. 

1-Mile North - Awakened By Decay (Self)

If you like your guitars and lean more into the post-rock side of ambient music a-la Explosions In The Sky, this album may be your cup of tea. There's also a lovely 2xLP up for grabs. 

Steve Roach - The Early Years (Soundquest Music)

This has been on high rotation for me in recent weeks. This digital-only bonus, entitled The Early Years, features two amazing long-form sequencer pieces circa 1982. Steve Roach's music is a rabbit-hole of original synthesizer work, and this is as good a place as any to start. Name your price, so be kind.

Fourtet - Randoms (Self)

You're a fan of Fourtet in one way or another, even if you don't know it. Not only did he create a 'Banned country' playlist, but he's embraced Bandcamp like no other, and whilst also giving away profits, homes exclusive albums like 'Randoms' on Bandcamp. People like him help get efforts like this off the ground. And that 'Gillie Amma I Love You' track is just magical. 

Composure - Ambient Techno For Japan (Labyrinth)

Lastly, this compilation is from 2011, and was originally set up for the Japan quake-relief. However, it's one of those gems that needs to be in any ambient/techno fans collection, and probably just sits in your wish-list right now, waiting for when you've got a spare $20 to drop... change that and buy it. The CD is folklore, but the digital is here just for you...

If none of those got your cash out, then check out my full collection on Bandcamp here.


isolatedmix 19 - Specta Ciera

One of the ‘newest’ inspirations to be invited to participate in the isolatedmix series, Devin Underwood first captured my attention with his ‘Snowflake Collections’ – released on the brilliant Secret Station Records in 2009. Since then, I’ve been following Specta Ciera‘s contributions to some of the best net-labels in existence, including i,AbsenteeDistance RecordingsCirclesandlines and Audio Gourmet. Needless to say, disappointment doesn’t seem to be something Devin offers up.

Devin dips his toes in atmospheric ambient (take his latest EP with Jacob Newman), gentle and melodic electronica, (‘It’s Barely There‘ being one of my favourites), more beat based electronica (Autumn in a Cup) dub-techno (take his Energy Dream 2 EP) and even produces full-on electronic assaults as one half of Drexon Field (again part of Secret Station Records and Attacknine – home to the likes of Casino Versus Japan). His sound is varied, modest and typically understated.

I say Devin is one of the ‘newest’ producers to contribute to the series, because it’s rare I get the chance to invite those who have most recently inspired me in one way or another. Along with Lunar Testing Lab (isolatedmix 08 and head of Secret Station), Specta Ciera has consistently contributed to (many free) net-label releases, which in itself is not only inspirational, but can be seen as the lifeblood of today’s ambient and electronica music community and is most certainly one of the biggest reasons ASIP exists.

Devin’s isolatedmix is a dive into his dub-techno roots, a first within the series and of course another unforgettable mix to push the series along. Here’s what Devin has to say about the set:

Dub techno has always helped me relax and think, which is why I decided to create this mix. Mixing new dub techno with some old favorites, I tried to create a smooth flowing mix to allow all the different shades of dub techno to shine. Ranging from very hazy/dreamy rhythms like Andrea Suglia & Quantec, to more experimental basic channel like tracks such as Recon. Some of the tracks have also been selected from amazing netlabels as well including CISMSilent Season, as well as Energostatic (all highly recommended labels).



01. Andrea Suglia – “The Beach” (0.00)
02. Resoe – “Tanzfieber” (7:00)
03. Christoph Schindling – “inside” (14:00)
04. Havantepe – “Starliner” – (22:50)
05. Kyle Erich Schulz – “Hemlockfeast” (26:50)
06. Quantec – “Supra” (34:50)
07. King Midas Sound – “Too Long Dub” (40:55)
08. Recon – “Travel Analog” (45:15)
09. Mr Cloudy – “Different Lives (March Snow Dub)” (48:06)
10. R&S meet the Chosen Brothers – “History Version” (55:08)