Sand Circles

Camara, Silent Harbour, Sand Circles, Massive Suits Quartet, Boreal Network


A spotlight on a few of the records I picked up last weekend after some friends came into town. We hit up Mount Analog (best in the city) and the rather intimidating selection at Amoeba Music

Camara - Before We Sleep

Understated and calming, Camara's, Before We Sleep is a lovely little album from the heart of Portugal. Like a cross between Fever Ray, Little Dragon and the powerful melodies of a Joy Division guitarMy favorite track, the opening lull of Skeletons In The Sand. Available on Bandcamp.

Silent Harbour - Hinterland

This was one of those moments where the cover drew me in - a beautiful snowy, icy harbour landscape. Turns out these rather ominous dark, dubby tones are an alias of Conforce, otherwise known for his straight up techno on the likes of Delsin. Jackpot. Available on Delsin

Sand Circles - Motor City

Previously only available on cassette back in 2012, this dive into a retro-synth world is a colorful picture of dystopian landscapes played out in an 80's video game. Boards of Canada meets Com Truise, now on vinyl. I also managed to pick up the new Motor City remixes EP which co-incides with the new press, and features a glorious remix by Northern Electronics mastermind Abdulla Rashim, heralding the original feel in a refreshing ambient take. Available on Posh Isolation.

Massive Suits Quartet - Full moon Wizard

A slightly odd one, picked up after being intrigued by the name (and a quick google search). "Full Moon Wizard” is a personal journey by it’s creator Grégoire Marty (aka Dandy Teru) delving into his love of original movie soundtracks and various composers. Crafting a sonic and aural odyssey for a movie that exists only in his mind and imagination".

Jazz, hip-hop, ambient and of course, soundtrack combine amongst a atmospheric-themed score for an imaginary dubbed out freak-film. Let your imagination run wild - a very pleasurable and intriguing listen. My favorite being the Theremin-waving The Odyssey Part 1. Available on Bandcamp.

Boreal Network - Itasca Roadtrip

It looks like this one has done the rounds, especially amongst the BoC community, but it's finally available on vinyl. Funky electronic vintage synth goodness - like BoC on a summer's day (not one of those dark, Tomorrows' Harvest days...) Available on More Than Human (vinyl) and Bandcamp (digital)