ASIP Polarlichter Places Series Special

I was kindly invited to put together a mix for the brilliant Polarlichter Radio show on Campus Crew Passau, hosted by Thomas Adamski. I chose not to curate just any old mix for this special occasion, but instead, focused on highlighting The Places Series and some of the featured artists inspirations.

I didn’t want to approach this mix by just including some of the tracks from the series like an extended promo; instead, I wanted to make it a little more insightful, dig a little deeper and explore the story behind the story. Each Places Series track describes a personal journey, and every artist has an inspiration. So, I asked each artist to provide an example track that may have directly, or indirectly inspired their Places Series release.

This formula meant I couldn’t approach the mix how i normally would like to, but it ended up being quite a journey, full of twists and turns, spanning the spectrum of music covered on ASIP. It was amazing listening back to the artists and their inspirations, noting the smallest of similar details or the evolution of certain sounds which have been made their own.

Each Places Series track, is immediately followed by it’s inspiration as detailed below in the trackist. I couldn’t fit all of the Places Series releases in, so I hope this persuades you to listen to and download the rest of the series.

Polarlichter airs every two weeks and you can keep up-to-date with shows on the Facebook Page. Up next, are mixes from the legendaryLoscil and fellow music friend Das Kraftfuttermischwerk. Previous shows are also archived on the Polarlichter Mixcloud.

Thanks to everyone who listened live to the show tonight, your comments and support. And a big thank you to Tommy for being such a great host and talking about ASIP (despite it being in German!) It doesn’t feel complete without his voice, but here’s the mix without the intro’s from Tommy!



01. [00.00] ASIP023 Benjamin Dauer – Six and Twelve (Forthcoming)
02. [05.40-09.48] Leonardo Rosado – Amidst The Crowd A Love Story
03. [09.48-15.13] ASIP002: enh – Roke DOWNLOAD
04. [15.13-20.21] The Sight Below – At First Touch (Simon Scott Remix)
05. [20.21-27.47] ASIP018 Parks – Black Day, Silver Sea DOWNLOAD
06. [27.47-30.26] Belong – Very Careful
07. [30.26-33.04] ASIP017 Sonae – Traurigtag DOWNLOAD
08. [33.04-37.00] Apparat – Goodbye (Instrumental)
09. [37.00-39.34] ASIP005 Levi Patel – Dissociation DOWNLOAD
10. [39.34-42.40] Ólafur Arnalds – Lag Fyrir Ömmu
11. [42.40-49.26] ASIP025 Leandro Fresco – Almas Sin Prisa (Forthcoming)
12. [49.26-52.15] Brian Eno – Be Calmed
13. [52.15-57.22] ASIP007 Kevin Bryce – The Park by Franklin DOWNLOAD
14. [57.22-1.02.06] Boards of Canada – Everything You Do Is A Balloon
15. [1.02.06-1.07.26] ASIP022 Audioglider – Heathaze Days DOWNLOAD
16. [1.07.26-1.11.37] The Bear And The Sea – Sandblonde
17. [1.11.37-1.15.41] ASIP013 Public Transport – Rosenheim DOWNLOAD
18. [1.15.41-1.21.58] Ulrich Schnauss – Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn
19. [1.21.58-1.22.43] ASIP001: Kit – The Peace House DOWNLOAD
20. [1.22.43-1.32.11] ASIP001: Kit – I Grew Up Here DOWNLOAD
21. [1.32.11-1.40.38] Secede – Born In A Tropical Swamp