Ocean Network

Ocean Network - Deep Sea Dreams: Volume I


The first compilation from new label Ocean Network hit this week titled, Deep Sea Dreams: Volume 1.

Featuring a host of new names (to me at least) I'm always keen to explore new ventures like this, as these humble beginnings are exactly how ASIP got its legs. The label is obviously embracing a very distinct theme given the name and release title, and even some of the track names, and the ocean theme is very apparent across the compilation.

Wistful ambient, colorful drones and an overall delicate approach to the curation suggests label head Ben Steed is on a mission to produce some very fine music and a label to keep an eye on.

A few standouts amongst a great compilation include the opener from Baukhol - a shimmering wave of airy pads, similar to the likes of Purl and the Dewtone output,  and
Tengen's Blue Queen, reminding me of the deep, emotional escapism you'll hear from the likes of Rafael Anton Irisarri

Deep Sea Dreams: Volume 1, is your perfect platform to jump into a bunch of brilliant new ambient artists from China and beyond.

Available as Name Your Price on Bandcamp.