Kim Brown

ASIP - Affinity In Slow Motion


Thanks to those around me for continuing to share and unearth new moments of inspiration, from influential sounds and styles that never grow old. Deep, emotional and personal; this is some of my favorite house-oriented music of recent times, along-side some newer finds.

This mix grew out of some very immediate inspiration this past week including a link to just one track from a friend, which unearthed an entire house playlist I continued to explore, and Applescal's recent Wantlist which introduced me to Kim Brown


01. Rising Sun - Parade (Version F) [Bandcamp]
02. DJ Sotofett - Current 82 (12 mix) [Discogs]
03. Dorisburg - Sinai Hypnosis [Bandcamp]
04. Jouem - Dazzling Light [Discogs]
05. Kim Brown - Optionism [Bandcamp]
06. Mr Fingers - Qwazars [Discogs]
07. Fit Siegel - Carmine [Bandcamp]
08. Donato Dozzy & Tin Man - Test 7 [Bandcamp]
09. Fatima Yamaha - What’s A Girl To Do [Free download]
10. Rising Sun - Change [Bandcamp]
11. Kim Brown - Millions [Bandcamp]
12. Hidden Spheres - Waiting [Bandcamp]
13. Nina Simone - Here Comes The Sun (Francois K Remix) [Discogs]


ASIP Wantlist #4 Applescal


A man of finely curated electronica; some of the best DJ sets you'll hear; and the face behind the respected and-forward thinking label, Atomnation; we copped the download on five of Pascal Terstappen's most wanted pieces of vinyl. As you might expect from such an ear, it's a melodic mix of colorful grooves that suit the personal playlists, as well as the DJ's amongst us.

Be sure to check-out Atomnation's latest compilation release, Unfold after you've treated yourself to the rarities below. 

1. Apparat - Walls [Discogs]
My all-time favourite album. Pure nostalgia. I listened to this one on repeat riding my bike (40 minutes back-and-forth) to high school for a long time. On my first 128kb MP3 player. Haha. Still get goose bumps when I hear the track 'You Don't Know Me'.

2. Traumprinz - All The Things [Discogs]
Just heard a repress is on the way (also for lots of more Giegling releases). Especially 'All The Things' I love. His last one, '2 The Sky' is also on my want-list.

3. David August - Times [Discogs]
One of my favourite tracks of all time appears on this LP: 'Forgive Me If I Bleed'. In my opinion, he may be the best producer out there at the moment. His work is always unpredictable and sounds warm. I'm looking forward to his new work - I have the feeling a new album is on the way.

4. Kona - Sing A New Sapling Into Existence [Discogs]
This is a side project of Lone. Maybe the best of all his work. My friend has the LP and is constantly bullying me that I don't. I Might not buy this one and just steal it from his collection to justify. Pional made a cool edit for one of the tracks, which is how I discovered this project.

5. Kim Brown ‎– Somewhere Else It's Going To Be Good [Discogs]
A nice laid-back LP by a duo from Berlin - not very well known. Lovely for after-hours or to play when friends are visiting. Quarion remixed one of their tracks recently which is a real banger, if you have time check that one out too.