Passing by: Gallery Six, Moss Garden, Elysee, Tone Color and Jokers Of The Scene

Gallery Six – Morgunn

This little gem from Hiroshima-based composer Hidekazu Imashige is the perfect introduction to his catalog of ambient work. Take the time to explore a discography that includes collaborative efforts with India’s Twisted Perspective and Cracow’s Lights DimDownload on Bandcamp.


Elysee – Something Special

16 meticulously constructed minutes that blossom at their half way point. Stick with it. This exceptional talent out of France fuses minimal elements and live instrumentation to convey very real emotion. Definitely follow up with his work for Canada’s Archipel and Berlin’s Sleep Is CommercialDownload on Beatport.


Moss Garden – In The Silence of the Subconscious

Lee Anthony Norris and Dimitar Dodovski combine ambient and techno theory for a gratifying, yet desolate full length experience. The album’s warmer moments contrast with chilly, dub-laden passages that leave you stranded with break-taking views. This promising duo have an earlier EP also worth your time. Download on Bandcamp.


Jokers Of The Scene

The clear favorite on this ambient-themed compilation from Adam Marshall’s New Kanada imprint. Not a roster generally known for their work in the ambient sector, but we’re starting to see a lot more artists try to reach out and expand their horizons. It’s often either a clear hit or miss. This piece from Jokers Of The Scene follows through. Download on Beatport.


Tone Color – The Last Day

Rich textures, vivid field sounds and emotive arrangements star in this beautiful full length effort from Manchester’s Andy Lomas. Rare to hear such expertly crafted sounds on an artist’s debut. A must-listen for any budding ambient enthusiast (oh, and the album is free).Download on Bandcamp.