Dennis Huddleston

36 / The Infinity Room - Now Available

Now available, Dennis Huddleston's new album under his 36 alias, The Infinity Room.

A concept album built around a similar sound and theme, each track builds off the previous, creating "self contained miniature galaxies" (Textura review). 

This blog post may have come a little too late for some, as the response to this album has been amazing so far, with all pre-orders selling out, and the bulk of the copies which were at Juno also selling out, within 24-hours. Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of the vinyl, and still supports and buys digital music in an ever-increasingly harder industry. 

There will be a few vinyl copies available at the below stores any day now, and the digital is available on the ASIP Bandcamp. Unfortunately, US copies of the vinyl are pretty much sold out everywhere. 

For more information and to listen to the album, head over to the release page, or stream below.

Buy Digital

Vinyl copies (very few) due to be in stock at Boomkat (UK) Phonica (UK) (DE) Redeye (UK) and Ultimae (FR). And a few copies will be made available direct from 36 on Bandcamp


Announcing: 36 / The Infinity Room (ASIPV006)


Hypersona, Lithea, Sine Dust, Hollow, Shadow Play, Pulse Dive, Seconds & Forever, the list of great 36 releases goes on...

After collecting and admiring his music since 2009, we're excited to announce that Dennis Huddleston, aka 36 will be releasing his next album here on ASIP - a new concept album titled The Infinity Room.

The album will be available October 24th on double transparent red vinyl 🔴. Pictures, previews and a pre-order to be announced very soon.

Until then, enjoy some of 36's contributions to ASIP so far.

36 / London

Most recently, 36 contributed this beautiful piano track to our second vinyl compilation, Europe. The vinyl has long since sold out, but digital is still available on Bandcamp.

36 / Heather Spa

36's contribution to the early days of The Places Series (our first digital-only release series) was this 4-track EP. Heart-wrenching strings, dedicated to a moorland area on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Available as a free download on Bandcamp.

36 / isolatedmix 12

All the way from 2010, comes this mix from 36 detailing some of his many inspirations - the perfect place to start to understand the wide spectrum of ambient sound emitted from 36 over the following years. More info and download.