David Elpezs

David Elpezs - A Way For The Signal


This live mix by David Elpezs caught my ear recently, due to its breadth of ambient styles - an accomplished sound for a relatively unknown artist. David is however known well in his native country of Spain, and runs a Radio show/podcast called Electromagnética, as well as featuring on John Beltran's Music For Machines last year with, Brisa. So maybe it's just me playing catch up...

The tracks featured in the mix are taken from some his recent releases, which are all available on Bandcamp.

Some beautiful stuff...




1. JotaPé
2. El cielo de Lugo
3. Aeropuertos en lapso de tiempo
4. Andrómeda desde Villata
5. El vocoder del Big Bang
6. Melodíe pour les doux meduses
6. Pulsar para hablar
7. La semilla del cosmonauta