Cryo Chamber

Mount Shrine - Winter Restlessness


This one stood out for me given its similar sound to the recent ASIP releases from Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri. It’s not often you stumble across this type of deeply immersive, textured and granular ambient music that immediately grabs your attention. When you do, it often veers into more abstract, darker drone, or it begins to encompass elements or instruments such as a a brooding cello, signifying an evolution in the story. Not that any of that is bad - take Markus Guentner’s latest album and Julia Kent’s addition - it just makes it a completely different listening experience. But sometimes, you just want to be wrapped amongst a new world of warm textures and it can often come at the expense of being boring.

With Mount Shrine’s ‘Winter Restlessness’, it lies within itself; absorbing the dust, whispers, crackles and soft tones it created seconds earlier, only to rumble on and eat itself again. Movement is minimal on the surface level, but interesting, warm and storied deep down.

Available on Bandcamp through the dark ambient label, Cryo Chamber.