Blair French

Passing by: Winter Flags, Blair French, Need A Name, Hammock & Doyeq

Winter Flags and Blair French

John Beltran recently launched a new label, titled ‘Dado Records’ the label’s focus is on film music, spanning a variety of genres from cinematic to ambient and rock. I’ve found it hard to keep up with the relentless amount of talent it’s put forward so far but two artists jumped out.

Winter Flags self-titled album – a cross between Bonobo, Bibio, Tycho and I guess, the man himself, John Beltran, it’s packed full of gentle melodies, subtle percussion and all-around good vibes.

And forthcoming, an artist called Blair French, who’s sampler below sounds pretty spectacular. Some beautiful textures spanning all types of ambient styles, from instrumental to tape-loops. More info and links to buy via Dado Records website.


Need A Name – 2013 Collection

Talking of relentless production, Need A Name had a busy 2013 and I for one struggled to keep up with many of his releases. Luckily, Dario has put together this 2013 originals collection for ‘name your price’ on Bandcamp. Take a stroll through his sun-kissed beats and colourful palettes in this 13-track compilation. Download.


Hammock – An Introduction to Hammock

Another artist collection, this time from our favourite heart-wrenching duo, Hammock. I probably don’t need to praise these guys any more on here – i’m confident many of you are familiar with Hammock’s post-rock lullabies, but again, for ‘name your price’ this is a compilation that can’t be missed. Especially as it has my favourite track from their 2013 album Oblivion Hymns- ‘Then the Quiet Explosion’. Download.

Doyeq – soundsphere

Lastly, no ‘Passing By’ post is complete without some dub-techno. This one, coming from the consistent Subspiele label, with Doyeq – two guys from Moscow running on a world of “Moog Voyagers, Virus ti2, TC Electronic M3000… and no VSTi’s”. Lively and energetic, ‘soundsphere’ captures a classic dub-techno sound verging on minimal techno, reminding me of the likes of Mule Electronic’s outputs.Download.


Photo – the original to Doyeq’s artwork, by photographer malte.