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Since 2014, UK-based label, Astral Industries have been responsible for some of the most enlightening and entertaining releases of recent years. Their output has helped otherwise forgotten or out of print music see the light of day, provided new takes on previous classics, whilst also pushing forward new music by some of the most well-respected artists within the ambient genre. 

Debuting with a release by dub-techno legend DeepChord in 2014, Astral Industries went on to release Wolfgang Voigt's live project, Rückverzauberung Live In London in 2015.  In 2016 they followed with a 1985 recording from disbanded dutch collective Chi - a timeless and undoubtedly classic record, whilst in the same year pitching Wolfgang and Deepchord together for the very first time, with reinterpretations of Peter Michael Hamel's classic, Colors of Time. By then, and combined with the continually brilliant artwork of Theo Ellsworth, we knew that Astral Industries was a label with staying-power, and a growing catalog of releases worth collecting - be it just for the framed artwork, or moreover, the complete music package. 

In 2017, we've seen an LP by Heavenly Music Corporation, aka Kim Cascone (likely encouraged by the recent re-release of his own label Silent Records), a third LP by The Chi Factory, and then just last month a beautiful album by Waveform Transmission (Rod Modell of DeepChord and Chris Troy), with a sublime follow-up album, a massive 20 years after their first. 

The man behind the Astral Industries machine, Ario is a proven expert at plucking obscure gems from the past, or ensuring that good music gets the platform and artistic presentation it deserves. In just a few years, Ario has curated a highly respected and anticipated label roster that demands attention, and has yet to disappoint. The music is always gentle, deep and often extremely vivid, be it deeply hypnotic ambient, or gentle murmurs of dub-techno. 

With curatorial talents like this, we're overjoyed to host an exclusive 2hr+ mix of Ario digging into his record collection, and interlocking a few select exclusive Astral Industries bits in-between. It's one hell-of-a hypnotic journey and just like the Astral Industries releases, deserved of your full undivided, escapist attention.


No track list on this one, due to the many unreleased pieces included in the mix. 
Artwork image by label artist Theo Ellsworth

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