Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri / La Equidistancia - Now Available


I am very grateful to have two of my favorite producers combine for a release on ASIP, Leandro Fresco (Kompakt) and Rafael Anton Irisarri (Ghostly, Room40).

Their emotional, detailed and epic collaboration album, La Equidistancia is now available. Check out some of the soundbites coming in below, and read about the album in full over on the release page.  

Buy on Bandcamp.

The album’s slow, lugubrious sounds engulf the listener like molasses
— A Closer Listen
... a gorgeous slab of thick ambient environment with a pulsating heart to it.
— Tiny Mix Tapes
Achingly beautiful
...deep ambient of the most epic kind
— Inverted Audio

PLEASE NOTE. The final delivery of  the vinyl has been delayed due to a faulty press. You can still secure your copy of the vinyl at Bandcamp, and it will ship when it arrives - currently expected in May, potentially earlier. You can also sign up to be notified when Juno will receive their copies here where they have cheaper shipping to Europe and ROW.