Hior Chronik - Out Of The Dust


If you're familiar with Arovane and Hior Chronik’s past two releases here on ASIP you probably noticed Hior’ Chronik's eye for the more instrumental and modern-classical sound, especially if you went back further to reference his album on Kitchen Label. Whilst it wasn’t always a straight split in responsibilities when pairing with Arovane, George proved to be the perfect balance for Uwe, often bringing melodies, compositions, field recordings and piano to both Into my own and In-between, alongside Uwe’s ear for electronics, texture and detail. (You’d actually be surprised as to who did what on certain tracks in many instances). 

Hior now presents us with a new release on 7K! (K7!’s modern classical imprint) that truly focuses on his passion for modern classical style compositions, titled Out Of The Dust

Whilst it would be easy to imagine what Hior would bring to the table on a modern-classical label based on his previous productions, the album is a new style and sound in many ways, brought to life as an imaginary soundtrack. 

The main thing you’ll notice is a focus on the trumpet as a lead instrument throughout the album. Without listening, you’re no doubt wondering how such an instrument will sound alongside slow tinkering pianos and abstract background noises, without becoming jarring. But Hior uses it as the lead character amongst a wider cast, extending introductions, interspersing drama and bringing subtle changes in melody that constantly evolve as piano melodies and dramatic strings intertwine. This brings an overall heightened sense of listening to the album - the tracks become movements and stories as you come into the imaginary world Hior has set out to create. 

There are chapters within the tracks, played out between the three main characters; the trumpet, piano and strings. Each of them have their moment as the album evolves, with a gentle piano piece appending a Johann Jóhannsson style quartet, and vice versa. Then an enigmatic trumpet solo setting the tone for a beautiful rolling piano melody. The trumpet, slowly dying out as the album begins to end, and the strings attach a more sombre note to a perhaps, sad ending to whatever film your imagining. 

These evolutions keep the story vivid, and the listener engaged throughout, eager to hear a new combination, or left wondering when another character would be re-introduced. 

Hior set out to create a soundtrack for an imaginary film, and because there are no images to accompany the album or a sign of the film he had in mind (surprising given Hior’s amazing talents with photography and the more personal touch to the artwork), the album leaves you pondering your own story and your own attachment to the characters amidst your own little world. The perfect escape. 

Available on 7K!.