Selected Ambient Music (new tumblr)

After an immense response to a recent Facebook post introducing Discogs, "Discover: 10 Best Ambient Albums" article, I decided that your hundreds of amazing, additional suggestions needed somewhere to live. So, I created a tumblr site:

I've added as many of the suggestions as I could from the Facebook post (currently 130 as I type), and will continue to add more music. The site also accepts your own submissions. It will cover all types of ambient music (many described in my own ambient article), and aim to be an introduction to the genre, as well as a way to discover new, recommended music.

I designed the tumblr to show just one video/track/album at a time on purpose, in order to focus attention and not be overwhelmed with more lists, opinions, sub-genres or subjectivity. So once you land on a track, you have the option to play it, or shuffle to the next one.  

You can also follow @_ambientmusic on Twitter to see the latest additions.  

This is an experiment for now, so expect things to evolve. I hope to see your suggestions on new music popping up soon, and any feedback on the site overall is appreciated!