Arovane & Hior Chronik - In-between (ASIPV003) now available


I'm extremely proud to announce the label's very first artist album is now available, featuring one of my musical heroes, Arovane, and one of the most promising artists to recently emerge, Hior Chronik. In-between, is available on double, pure-white vinyl, housed in a matt-laminated gatefold sleeve (+ download card), and as a digital album through Bandcamp. 

Our very-own Nick Brzstowski was once again at the helm for the ethereal artwork, taking inspiration from photos the artists provided, and Rafael Anton Irisarri added the magic touch to the masters.

There will be a limited amount of vinyl available directly on Bandcamp, but Juno Records will have the majority of stock, with several other stockists coming soon. See the releases page for more information and the latest stockists globally.

Buy vinyl: Juno
Buy digital: Bandcamp


In 2004, Arovane said “Goodbye Forever” with a heartfelt departure on Lilies - his final album on the renowned City Centre Offices label and his most defining piece to date. In 2013, Arovane made a surprising  return with his notorious IDM style for the n5MD label, but we were left asking when, or if, Uwe would ever return to his  ethereal and orchestral productions.

In-between sees Arovane team-up with Greece’s Hior Chronik, known for various productions with Singapore’s Kitchen Label (home to Haruka Nakamura and Aspidistrafly). Hior's debut album, Taking The Veil, released earlier this year on Kitchen, played host to some of the best instrumental partnerships we could've wished for, including Field Rotation and Halo.

Alongside Uwe, Hior brings a modern-classical, delicate prowess to Arovane’s detailed, electronic, analog power - a beautiful and ethereal combination. 

Pianos, field-recordings and strings amongst modular synthesizers create a shimmering canvas of ambient music, touching the heart, and transporting you to the musical equilibrium that exists between these two good friends. Crafted in Berlin, through multiple improvised studio sessions, In-between started as an experiment and finished as a harmonious journey between places and producers alike.

Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri
Artwork by Nick Brzostwoski

01. A Day, November 2013
02. Wunderland
03. After Tomorrow
04. Pendel
05. Past Creates The Future (Feat. Aaron Martin on Cello)
06. Plennt Road
07. Scale
08. Maedra
09. A Winter day
10. Relief
11. Velvve