Dancefloor techno, and flat-out drone, Tobias Freund and Max Loderbauer, also known as NSI (Non-standard Institute) are hard to pin down with their rare but sought-after partnerships.

Their Resident Advsior episode sparked mixed-emotions, with some calling it out flat-out noise, but for those that can appreciate the industrial techno sound mixed with the unexpected (experimental), their latest collaboration should be just for you. 

The album takes a little while to warm-up, but eases you into ART V - an absolutely beautiful transition around the 3-minute mark reminiscent of Alva Noto. At this point, you realize why these guys specialize in live-sets as NSI - it took a while to get here, but it's the true 'a-ha!' moment. 

This is followed by ART VI - a darker, sci-fi inspired take on a Pop Ambient sound, whos style continues into ART VII  - rolling bells, arpeggios and clashes of sound - harmonious melodies dissected with a gritty, industrial approach that can only be enforced by such producers at the top of their game.  

If for some reason your faith in dark-ambient, or drone music has dwindled in recent years, then give this guy a try.

"The full length release is a true genre tourist, visiting regions of ambient and noise, with glimpses of industrial, along side both strange and familiar tones generated in the analog realm complimented by digital overtones from the artist's own custom Max MSP inventions"

Available on Bandcamp.