Passing by: Klimt, WNDFRM, Donnacha Costello, Casino Versus Japan


Klimt - Genesa

It seems right to begin the first Passing By post on the new site by revisiting an artist I featured very early on. I've kept Antoni Budzinski's track Pozegnanie on the ASIP Soundcloud account for years now after featuring him back in 2009 - it's a track I can't bear to see disappear and one I keep on sharing with people.

Antoni has now returned with a new album titled Genesa, and has again managed to strike a chord. A beautiful mix of guitar-infused post-rock featuring rich melodies, and light-hearted ambient tones. Think a middle-ground between Hammock and Rhian Sheehan.

Available at Requiem Records.


WNDFRM - Formal Variant EP

Tim Westcott is slowly but surely turning heads. The Portland native is a regular around here - his live sets often feature pitch-black listening sessions programmed on his very own perfected sound-system. He's been playing at Mutek, and now made a significant punch with his release on the well-respected techno label, Prologue. Deep, twisting, hypnotic, almost tribal sounding at moments; the two tracks at over 12 minutes long each, are an immersive dive into finely tuned industrial techno.

Vinyl and digital available at Bandcamp.


Donnacha Costello - Ambient Mix 1995-2015

Donnacha recently tweeted "there's a lot more interest in my ambient music than my techno, which is heartening", and whereas I enjoy I enjoy both, he certainly has a talent for producing a warm and fuzzy ambient sound that resonates more recently.

Donnacha just released this lovely ambient mix over at Bandcamp which comes with a download of some of his own tracks featured in the mix. If you remember our feature that covered some of his very finest releases, then you'll want to grab that unreleased Cocoa track.

Available at Bandcamp.


Casino Versus Japan - Damaged Errata

And finally, a group high-five please. Casino Versus Japan returns. This short but very-welcome EP is a lovely reminder of his unique analog style we came to love on Night On Tape and Go Hawaii. Whereas Night on Tape featured a slightly darker-side than Go Hawaii, this EP seems to straddle the two - grainy textures layered over 8-bit, analog synths.

Available at Bandcamp.