Horizon Fire - Earthlight


A soundtrack from a distant galaxy; a slow-setting sun in an unrecognizable world; a strangely isolated new place. No-matter where Horizon Fire has been since his last release four-years ago, Paul Tebbott returns with another visionary masterpiece, combining his beautiful graphics and warm, vintage electronica sound.

It would be easy to compare Horizon Fire's sound to that of Boards of Canada, particularly Tomorrow's Harvest for example, but there's a much simpler, addictive ploy to Paul's sound. It's fitting that Paul is a talented designer as well as a producer, as the graphics he pairs with his release speak more to the sound that I can. Simple; dream-inducing; nostalgic yet futuristic; Paul could be scoring the next Tron, Blade Runner or other cult sci-fi. Either way you look at it, when you pair his graphics with the likes of Earthlight, you're transported.

I thoroughly recommend listening to the Horizon Fire back-catalog on Bandcamp, all name-your-price, whilst flicking through some of Paul's images on Tumblr. I've taken the liberty of presenting a select few below to accompany your listening experience.

Available on Bandcamp.