isolatedmix 53 - Anders Ilar


Anders first appeared on ASIP in 2012 with isolatedmix 34 and now returns to the series with another superb journey, diving deep into the depth of winters past and the varied sounds that have influenced him from the season.

You may be forgiven for thinking Anders hasn't released any music since his last isolatedmix, but the newly relocated Ludvika resident has been busy with colabs the likes of Yard. As Anders describes "Since my last album Elva on Shitkatapult in 2012 I focused on completing the first album of Our Loving Sun. A project between me and Chris Jones aka Yard, and a few invited friends on vocals, bass and guitar. We started working on the album in January 2011, so it has been a long time to finalize it. A 4-track EP was released on vinyl in October 2013 on swiss label Mina Records with a remix by Ripperton, and the Album was finally released on Bandcamp in October 2014"

During this time he also collaborated with Mina Records founder Claudia Ayala aka Masaya on a track called Stars where he provided the vocals and some additional production, set to be released in May 2015. Next-up Anders is going exactly where we want him to and producing a new ambient album titled Inuti. 

At the start of 2015 I started working on a new ambient album. It will be called Inuti (Swedish for inside, or within). It’s soundtrack sounding with lots of piano. I’ve invited a few guests to provide some additional instrumentation, such as saxophone and other woodwinds, and bass, guitar and vocals on one or two of the tracks. I’ve also been collecting field recordings this winter - it’s all coming together nicely.
— Anders Ilar

Anders' isolatedmix is a segue of ambient musical styles and the perfect precursor to his new project, spanning multiple acoustic approaches from the likes of OPN and Bibio, alongside older-hats such as Tangerine Dream The Legendary Pink Dots and Dead Can Dance.

"This mix was created in late 2014, for the darkest time of the year as a sort of soundtrack to the winter months. The music was selected with great care to create a perfect theme for the darker days and long nights of winter. Elements of Strings, Piano, Horns and woodwinds co-existing with digital and acoustic rhythms, and desolate synthesizers. Bringing the mind to a calm bliss. Music that has inspired me recently and in the past". - Anders Ilar.

Skip below for Anders' narration to this perfectly curated isolatedmix. 



1. Erik Truffaz & Murcof - Human Being
2. The Legendary Pink Dots - Premonition 13
3. Dictaphone - Jarszewko
4. Oneohtrix Point Never - Ruined Lives
5. The Legendary Pink Dots - Ballerina On a Rice Paper Leaf
6. Bohren & der Club of Gore - Midnight Walker
7. Bibio - Kaini Industries
8. Dictaphone - A Bout The Souffle
9. Anders Ilar - The Inner Workings
10. The Legendary Pink Dots - Pendulum
11. Shrubbn! - Echo 5|2
12. Bear McCreary - Refugees Return
13. Dead Can Dance - Windfall
14. Tangerine Dream - Sequent C
15. Wunder - Strings Of Clouds
16. The Legendary Pink Dots - Two Steps Beyond

Words about some of the artists/tracks from Anders:

Erik Truffaz & Murcof - Human Being
I first heard of Murcof after reading the name in a review of my own album Everdom from 2003. This track is from his recent album Human Being with Eric Truffaz on Trumpet. Fantastic stuff as always from Murcof.

The Legendary Pink Dots - Premonition 13
Legendary Pink Dots started in 1980 and has been in my aural input for about 30 years now, and these guys keep churning out great experimental  music to this day. For many years I almost forgot about them, but the voice of Edward Ka-Spel haunts me to great affect. Much respect. Included in this mix is four tracks spanning four decades, proving that music is the only way to live. Sing while you may!

Dictaphone - Jarszewko
Dictaphone, another great example of a successful marriage of electronics and acoustics. 

Bohren & der Club of Gore - Midnight Walker
Bohren & der Club of Gore play jazz as slow and deep you can get. I simply love their music, relaxing and soothing. And it even inspired me to start a collaboration with a saxophonist. I found one (Benny Morrison) and we are currently working on some tracks for a new album. Hopefully it will be finished this year.

Bear McCreary - Refugees Return
Bear McCreary has made some of the most excellent scores to date. TV-shows like The Walking Dead and Battlestar Galactica are blessed with his music.

Dead Can Dance - Windfall
Dead Can Dance are one of my all-time favourite bands and inspirations. Beyond words and beyond worlds! 'Within the Realm of a Dying Sun' is possibly the most beautiful music ever created. 

Tangerine Dream - Sequent C
Tangerine Dream (RIP Edgar Froese) are one of my earliest electronic heroes. This track from 1974 album Phaedra had to be slowed down severely to harmonize within the mix.

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