Passing by: Parks & Norge, Sebastian Mulleart, Segue & Lusine


Parks & Norge – Eggbox 011

ASIP’s very own Russian ambient mafia has put together the latest instalment for Eggbox. Featuring nothing but Russian music, this is a rather brilliant insight into the world of Father and Son – master and young prodigy, full of warm textures, analog sounds and wacky samples. Listen to Parks and Norge’s ASIP releases over on Bandcamp and give the full article below a read for a nice interview with them both.

DownloadRead the interview.



01. Unit21 -­ Baltic Morrow
02. Alexander Chereshnev -­ Akhmatova
03. Dront
04. 4elovek40 ­- Summer Time
05. Norge -­ Haftungur
06. Topj -­ Padali Listya (Топь ­ Падали Листья)
07. Roman Sidorov -­ Kryg Odinokogo Dereva (Роман Сидоров ­ Круг одинокого дерева)
08. YARA ­- steam
09. Unit 21 ­- October, 18th
10. Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21 ­- We Don’t Sell This Dress
11.Fear Konstruktor ­- Octagon Temples
12.Sergey Akhunov ­- Psalm
13. Unit21 -­ Call Up The Silence And See
14. Norge -­ Óbó

Sebastian Mullaert (Minilogue) – Ambient mix for Mule

I’m not going to say too much on Sebastian right now as he has an isolatedmix coming soon… so here’s a nice taste of what to expect. It is however important to note he has album coming out soon on Mule! “I’m releasing a freestyle album that I recorded together with my friend Eitan Reiter in February 2014. The album is called “Reflections of nothingness” and will be released on Mule Musiq in the end of October. To honour the release of that album I made a mix with some ambient music, inspired by the autumn that is coming here in Sweden”.




01. Sandwell District – 7A
02. Wa Wu We – untitled
03. Edit Select – Blissfully Unaware
04. Lackluster – You’re Me
05. Wa Wu We – 001 B2
06. Sebastian Mullaert & Eitan Reiter – Water Burns Air
07. Laurel Halo – Dr Echt
08. Whitetree & Ludovico Einaudi – Derek’s Garden
09. Whitetree & Ludovico Einaudi – Light on light
10. Ooze – untitled
11. S100 – Atomrelish
12. Donato Dozzy & Tin Man – Test 3
13. Thomas Fehlmann – Berliner Luftikuss (Move D remix)
14. Daisuke Miyatani – Hum

Segue – Decibel Festival Podcast / Silent Season Sessions

I’m gutted to be missing Decibel this year, and for one massive reason – the Silent Season showcase. Friday will see the amazing SS crew take the stage, including ASC, Jamie McCue (Label owner) and our fav dub-techno-head Segue. More info on that special lineup here.



01. Turning Patterns (The Here and Now LP)
02. Identity Dub (Unreleased)
03. Tape Dub (Athabasca EP)
04. La Rue (Pacifica LP)
05. Hozho – Traverser Les Mirroirs (Segue Remix/Unreleased)
06. Snow Dub (Pacifica LP)

Lusine – Slumber Session

Just dropping this morning, Ghostly stalwart Lusine entertaining us with some of his more ‘downtempo’ gems – a lovely colourful palette of a mix, that really makes me miss summer already.



01. Kid Smpl – I Think It’s Gone (DJAO Cover)
02. Lusine – Quiet Day
03. Philip Grass – All I Need
04. Shigeto – Ritual Howl
05. Rival Consoles – Soul (feat. Peter Broderick)
06. Chrome Sparks – The Meaning of Love
07. Dabrye – Magic Says
08. Nosaj Thing – Voices (Dorian Concept Remix)
09. Shinamo Moki – Rowena’s Wedding
10. Paul White – Hustle (Bullion Remix)
11. Teebs – Hi Hat (feat. Populous)
12. Fulgeance – Nightwalker
13. Letherette – Boosted
14. Nicolas Jaar – Variations
15. Sun Glitters – Insane

Photo by astrangelyisolatedplace