Touched. Macmillan Cancer Support Compilation

123 tracks curated for a very good cause. Not just your ordinary curation though. This features an absolutely outstanding lineup of electronic artists from past and present. 808 State, Future Sound of London, Anders Ilar, Arovane, Bengalfuel, Brothomstates, Christian Kleine, Christ, Datasette, Digitonal, Goldmund, Ishq, Kettel, Maps & Diagrams, Marsen Jules, Milieu, Ochre, Olan Mill, Pub, Segue & Pleq, Sun Glitters, Ten & Tracer and Vector Lovers to name but a few familiars.

To name a any favourites at this stage would be unfair as i’ve barely made it all the way through, but needless to say there’s something in here for everyone. And at a minimum price of £6, even if you can’t stump up a little bit more to show your gratitude, it’s worth every penny. I’m looking forward to exploring many new artists and revisiting a few lost classics over the next few days.

Congratulations to curator Martin Boulton for an outsanding effort all for a very good cause – a great way to end the year.

Available on Bandcamp.