Passing by: Max Cooper, Segue, Mach V, Lusine and Silent Season


Max Cooper – Synesthetes Museum (Magnetic Mag Mix)

An adventurous journey through the British Museum and Max Cooper’s ingenious mind, this mix spans ambient, techno and historical recordings, all assembled around a turn-by-turn visit through the museum: “I mixed it in a way to be like a journey though the museum, turning corners and regularly coming across something totally different and unexpected, with each track being like a different exhibit.” More info.



01. Max Cooper – Binaural Museum
02. A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears (Erased Tapes)
03. Max Cooper – Woven Ancestry (Unreleased)
04. Adam Johnson – Anex (Merck)
05. Peiyou Chang – Song of Gu Qin (Peiyou Chang)
06. Vaetxh – Randolph Pactali (Unreleased)
07. Bonobo – Cirrus (Ninja Tune)
08. ThermalBear – U Love (Last Night On Earth)
09. Rockwell – Fluf (Shogun Audio)
10. Xu Zhengyin – Dragon Boat (China Record Corporation)
11. Unknown Origin – Gregorian Chant – Edit
12. MMOTHS – For Her – Max Cooper Remix (SQE Music)
13. Unknown Origin – The Call to the Lama from Afar (Jade)
14. Rrose – Waterfall (EAUX)
15. Nils Frahm – Peter – Max Cooper Remix (Erased Tapes)
16. James Yorkston – Woozy With Cider – Jon Hopkins Remix (Domino)
17. Max Cooper – Binaural Museum

Segue – Sgustok Magazine Podcast 039

Following in the footsteps of Aus and Markus Guentner, Segue has prepared a mix for Sgustok magazine exemplifying his warm and engrossing approach to ambient and dub-techno. More info.


01. Group Bombino — Tenere
02. Boards Of Canada — Ready Lets Go
03. Segue — Honest And Truly
04. Yagya — Rigning Tvö
05. Segue — Snow Dub
06. Rhythm & Sound — Range
07. Segue — La Rue
08. WZRDRY & SKRS — Ouptost 1.0
09. Dil Withers — Rainy
10. The Caretaker — When The Dog Days Were Drawing To An End
11. Concern — Mending
12. Ruhe — Ostinato II
13. Loscil — Fern And Robin
14. Segue — North Saskatchewan River (Excerpt)

Mach V – I Love You/You Won’t Let Me

A slightly different mix from Mach V this time around, focusing on his Drum’n bass roots and including much of today’s music that has stemmed from this style, including Joe Synkro, ASC, Ulrich Schnauss and dBridge (also featuring some pretty sweet transitions too!)




01. Mario – Let Me Love You (Lapalux remix) (free download)
02. Synkro – Open Arms
03. ASC – Glass Walls
04. Submerse – Cluster
05. Jack Dixon – You won’t let me (Synkro mix)
06. Bop – Song about my Dog
07. dBridge – 5th Floor
08. Grimes – Genesis
09. Bulb – Lonely Gravity
10. Om Unit – Ulysses VIP (free download)
11. ASC + Ulrich Schnauss – 77
12. Lapalux – Guuurl
13. Holy Other – Know Where
14. dBridge – Cornered
15. Yumi & The Weather – Not Again (Manni Dee remix) (free download)
16. Marley Caroll -Woodwork (free download)
17. Ital Tek – Pixel Haze
18. Fybe:One – Harmonic Curve (Deft’s footwork remix) (free download)
19. Bering Strait – Apart
20. Synkro – Reflection
21. Aegis – Reso (free download)
22. Eagles for Hands – Glitterall (free download)

Lusine – Mix for MTV Hive

I always bang on about how good Lusine was when I saw him in Berlin a few years back. Well this mix kind of helps explain my experience – groovy electronic music that would move any dancefloor. No download on this one yet unfortunately.



01. Emeralds-Diotoma
02. Sei A- You Can Bring
03. Lake People- Point in Time
04. Hobo- Blackwell(original Mix)
05. Matthew Herbert- It’s Only (DJ Koze Remix)
06. Lusine- Another Tomorrow (Jon Convex Remix)
07. Thomalia- Alftavatn(Original Mix)
08. Kuniyuki Takahashi- Bamboo City (Original Mix)
09. Dominik Eulberg- Taeuschnungs- Blume (Ryan Davis ‘Narciss’ Render)
10. Mathew Jonson- Dayz
11. M.A.N.D.Y, Adultnapper- Kindling (John Tejada Remix)
12. Ultraista- Small Talk (Four Tet Remix)
13. Manuel Tur- Maybe Next Lifetime Feat. Blakkat (King Britt Dub)
14. Yakine- Disaster Drop (original Mix)
15. Lusine- Lucky
16. Todd Terje- Ragysh (Original)
17. ManmadeScience- Phase (Original Mix)
18. Pezzner- Chapter Two (Original Mix)

Silent Season – Campfire Stories

2hr:45min of deep electronic music curated by Silent Season head-honcho Jamie McCue, including some relatively obscure artists for you to explore. Be warned though, I found myself dancing around the campfire, not necessarily telling campfire stories…




Docetism – Bonfire
Docetism – The Temptation of St. Anthony
Mikrokristal – Dark Introduction Ends
Sam KDC – Excursion
Sam KDC – Surrender
Aes Dana – Oxyd
Aes Dana – Adonai
Mon0 – Magnetic
Esko Barba – Parhelia
Esko Barba – Noctilucent Awakening
Blamstrain – 6pm
Intrusion – Angel
Intrusion – Intrusion
Intrusion – Tswana
Octal – Himinglæva #1
JS – Track 4
JS – Track 5
Yuka & Dino Sabatini – U4
Edanticonf – Planet (Abdulla Rashims Inca Edit)
Edanticonf – Planet
Tomas Rubeck – Factions
Sys – Nocturnal
Blazej Malinowski – Factory of emotions
Blazej Malinowski – Key
Refracted – Oo-koo-hé
Luke Hess – Awareness
Blazej Malinowski – Dreams of tomorrow
Skyscaper – Noctilucent Clouds (Kasm remix feat. SuhniSea)