isolatedmix 31 – Ametsub

A hero in his home nation, Ametsub often finds himself sitting alongside Sigur Ros, My Bloody Valentine, and even The Beach Boys on Japanese record shelves. Since his first album in 2006, Akihito has become some-what of a national prodigy for electronic music and given his well-earned national respect, it’s unsurprising to see his latest album ‘All Is Silence‘ infiltrating the ‘recommended’ charts in many a Japanese record store. It’s been three years since his last, and ‘All Is Silence’ was well worth the wait.

Akihito has earned praise from the legendary Ryuichi Sakamoto, and has already banked warm-ups for Plaid, Ghostly and School of Seven Bells’ tours, and a bunch of shows and festivals across the world including live appearances with Yagya, Apparat, Jon Hopkins and Alva Noto. His 2012 isn’t looking to bad either, with several planned live appearances in Japan, MIRA Festival in Barcelona, and a live show inUkraine.

You can pair many of Akihito’s sounds to the aforementioned artists if you need an attempted description of his wonderful music. Ametsub is a combination of elements from many of the genres I crave; from beautiful instrumental samples and pianos reminiscent of Sakamoto to glitchy well defined electronics that Carsten Nicolai and Jon Hopkins are well known for. Ametsub manages to combine toy-box style melodies with Boards of Canada-esque retro synths, unexpectedly patterned with a multitude of his influences at any point along a four-minute track, and even a touch of Jazz every now and then – you never know what’s stirring in this guys genius mind.

His isolatedmix does just that too. In classic ASIP style, Akihito combines many of the musical elements we love, from ambient, to IDM and straight-up electronica. An ametsub track was included in both isolatedmix 28 and 29, so it’s only fitting that Akihito goes full circle and includes some previous contributors including Crisopa and Rhian Sheehan. Progressively planned, well-mixed and interesting enough to leave you guessing after every track, Ametsub has just raised the isolatedmix bar that little bit higher.

In his earnest words; “These are some of my favourite tracks, enjoy!”




01. Ametsub – Sun of Madrid
02. Kane Ikin – Contrail
03. Alva Noto – Xerrox Monophaser 2
04. Jon Brooks – Hypnotic Light
05. Konx-om-Pax – intro
06. Antony/Fennesz – Returnal
07. Rhian Sheehan – Quietly Returning
08. Crisopa – O-P-Q-A
09. Ametsub – Rufouslow
10. Teebs – Wind Loop
11. Botany – Agave
12. Samoyed – A Small Good Thing
13. Floating Points – Truly
14. Yagya – Finite Permutations
15. Asura – I’ve Seen You In Vice (Anenon BDay Remix)
16. Oneohtrix Point Never – Sleep Dealer

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