Mach V – Send In The Drones


Send In The Drones. Send in the beauty. Send in the classic ambient. Send in a few upcoming releases whilst you’re at it. Send in Mach V.

If you want any of the above, look no further as our favourite curator of all things musically brilliant, Mach V has put together a sublime ambient mix. Over one year in the making, Mach V has been intending to produce a ‘drone’ mix for some time now, but just as I find when mixing, he had little influence on what made the cut when faced with such amazing music. The drone is in there, but it’s peppered with some beautiful moments that break the drone-only mould and keeps this mix interesting throughout.

Like a true gentlemen, Mach V has paid homage to his sources and included some kind words about ASIP and the brilliant Futuresequence in the write-up. He’s also included an exclusive we were lucky enough to receive from Umber and two upcoming tracks from the ASIP Places Series too. One from Ex Confusion and another from Mach V’s audio-visual maestros, Echaskech. More to come on those releases soon, but for now, go ahead and join the inspiration of Jean “Moebius” Giraud and drift away with the drones.

You can read the full post on Mach V’s blog here. Also included below is a brilliant video put together by Mach V and featuring ‘626’ by Echaskech, forthcoming on the ASIP Places Series.



Tracklist: (with links to the free downloadable ones)

00:00 Mark McGuire – Alma (reprise)
01:00 Echaskech – Tundra (from Future Sequence – SEQUENCE2)
05:27 Jonsi & Alex – Boy 1906
08:22 Future Sound of London – Max
11:06 Mara Carlyle – Pianni (From Accidental Records)
13:07 Maps & Diagrams – Domane (From Future Sequence – SEQUENCE2)
15:41 Mountains – Blue Lanterns On East Oxford
19:17 Panda Bear – Drone
22:39 Widesky – _____ is Also Movement (From Future Sequence – SEQUENCE2)
26:20 Ex Confusion – Before We Begin (Forthcoming release on the ASIP Places Series)
30:10 Digitonal – Polaris (From Leaves – Leaving 11)
32:54 Verülf – Iroko (From Verulf -Territorial)
35:00 Hammock – Longest Year
37:20 Vangelis – Love Theme
41:00 Umber – I Wasn’t Aiming For The Ocean (ASIP Exclusive)
46:50 The Bird and the Bee – Spark
50:30 Parks – Song for Autumn
59:15 Biosphere – Monju-2
1:02:55 Jon Hopkins – Journey
1:05:11 Another Fine Day – Spring Song
1:07:37 Echaskech – 626 (Forthcoming release on the ASIP Places Series)