isolatedmix 20 - Markus Guentner: Ten Years of Pop Ambient

I’ve got to be honest, since day one of the isolatedmix seriesMarkus Guentner has been at the top of the wish-list. He needs little introduction to most of you, as lovers of ambient would’ve no doubt at some point melted in amongst one of his productions on Kompakt’s Pop Ambient or floated along to one of his very rare ambient sets. His consecutive contributions to our best loved ambient series and a one-off release on Sending Orbs has earn’t him respect from all walks of musical life. From lovers of ambient to die-hard techno fans, i’ve heard Markus’ name crop up numerous times within inspirational music conversations.

The likes of ‘Baghira’ and ‘Express Yourself’ have become synonymous with dream-like, looping ambient productions for the past ten or so years and have taken starring roles amongst Kompakt’s finest productions – no mean feat. Ultimately, Markus’ consistent, quality ambient music has defined the minimalist side of Kompakt we all love today and has spurred on a multitude of other producers to adopt the same approach to ambient music.

It’s unsurprising therefore to find out the inspiration and theme for Markus’ isolated mix.

10yrs of Pop Ambient …

“As you can see, I used a lot of Pop Ambient/Kompakt tracks in this set, but it should not be seen as promo-mix for Kompakt – instead, the mix honours ten years of a specific ambient-style and contains many of the great artists who produced and adopted this style. I selected long and wide tracks to create a constant atmosphere, for long mixes without big cuts and breaks.”



01 – Gustavo Lamas – MaÒana / Kompakt
02 – Chris Mcnamara – Oooohdear / Overlap
03 – – ddrhodes /
04 – Roger Martinez – Crowded City Empty Minds / Roger Martinez pres. Horizontal Excursions
05 – Triola – Leuchtturm (Triola im Fünftonraum)/ Kompakt
06 – Aitokaiku – Sunset Park / Unreleased
07 – Ulf lohmann – Audrey (Pop Ambient 2004) / Kompakt
08 – Markus Guentner – Wanderung (1981) / Kompakt
09 – Andrew Thomas – Fearsome Jewel 9 (Pop Ambient 2004) / Kompakt
10 – Jens-uwe Beyer – Volax (Pop Ambient 2011) / Kompakt
11 – Triola – Das Wunder Der Kulperhütte (Pop Ambient 2007) / Kompakt
12 – Gastón Arévalo – Latitud / Unreleased
13 – Klimek and Husak -The Godfather (For William Basinski & Snoop Dogg) (Pop Ambient 2009) / Kompakt
14 – Gas – Pop / Mille Plateaux
15 – Ulf lohmann – Lai King Est (Pop Ambient 2007) / Kompakt
16 – Mikkel Metal – Decline (Pop Ambient 2006) / Kompakt
17 – The Sight Below – No Place for us (Eluvium Sedated remix) / Ghostly Int.