ASIP – Glacially Patterned Oases (Mix for RTFKT)


I’m honoured to be able to contribute to the RTFKT Mutecast series with a special mix I spent the best part of two months deliberating, experimenting, swapping around and finally putting together. I’ve ended up with an electronic mix which is very much in the vain of the kind of music the guys over at RTFKT are regularly posting about, featuring some pretty recent stuff including Jesse Somfay’s release onZaubernuss as Flourish, one of the best tracks from aboutface’s EP and Jon Hopkins’ absolutely cataclysmic remix of Agoria’s Panta Rei.

I’ve also included a few artists I hope to give a bit more exposure to including; Technicolour and 110ML, who both boast brilliant releases on the recently launched net label Energostatic; a much loved ASIP favourite in the form of 36 – who deserves all the attention he can get and the Bluetech and Kilowatt collaboration as Invisible Allies to help spice things up a bit.

If you haven’t experienced any of RTFKT’s Mutecasts so far, check them out here with some great mixes from our man Mig Dfoe, Applescal, and the previously featured Feffeffef. (You might also notice some nifty looking artwork in one of the mixes!)

You can read the original post on RTFKT here with a few humbling words about the site. Thanks guys!



Tracklist (with links to previous features):
01. Biosphere – Inner Ohm
02. Monoceros – The Big Wave
03. Technicolour – Permafrost
04. Popnoname – Nightliner
05. Pantha Du Prince – Stick To My Side (Walls Remix)
06. Invisible Allies – Mulberry Windows
07. Oneohtrix Point Never – Format & Journey North
08. Blanck Mass – Sub Serious
09. The Sight Below – At First Touch
10. 110ML – Scratch Me
11. Glander – Zavial
12. Flourish – Heaven Tar
13. Aboutface – Smile
14. Agoria – Panta Rei (Jon Hopkins remix)
15. 36 – Deluge