Ulrich Schnauss XFM Shoegaze mix


A trademark Ulrich Schnauss shoegaze mix dug out from a Russian blog which looks like it’s either called ‘Life’s too short to listen to bad music’ or ‘The Worst Taste in Music’ or as the URL suggests ‘ivorylinesleadoowhahooowhaho’… I’m really hoping it’s the last one.

The post doesn’t go in to much detail about when the mix was recorded, and given the lack of information I didn’t want to publish the mix without checking with Ulrich first, despite it reeking of Schnauss class. Turns out it’s a mix he done for XFM a few years back. This one slipped my radar!

Anyway, big thanks to… ‘ivorylinesleadoowhahooowhaho'(?)  for pointing this one out. It looks like there are some other mixes worth checking out on the blog too – ‘I don’t speak Icelandic‘ featuring Jónsi & Alex, Sigur Rós, Gus Gus and a host of other Icelandic musicians looks a tad appealing.

Download Ulrich Schnauss XFM Shoegaze mix.

(I have re-hosted the file to save you going through a Russian roulette of download links)

– Aspidistra Fly – Sea Glass
– Miss Bliss – Release The Kraken
– Paper – Cloudy, Cloudy, Cloudy
– Sway – Fall
– Elika – Defeated
– The Meeting Places – Freeze Our Stares
– Auburn Lull – Broken Heroes
– Airiel – Red Friends
– Ulrich Schnauss – Look At The Sky
– Soundpool – Do What You Love
– Pia Fraus Vs Ulrich Schnauss – Mute The Birds
– Mahogany – Vista Dome
– Lovesliescrushing – Eishglin