AROVANE / Germany

Uwe Zahn has been a driving force behind the IDM sound and analog experimentation for over 15 years. His early releases on City Centre Offices created a new era of music for electronica fans, and his unique production techniques saw legendary album such as Atol Scrap (2000) and Lillies (2004) cemented as the genre's best.

Uwe said Goodbye in 2004 and made a surprise return on n5MD in 2013 with Ve Palor. Since then, Arovane has been relentless in the studio, and this new energy has seen him partner with Hior Chronik on ASIP's first artist album, "In-between", with more productions currently in the works. 

Arovane & Hior Chronik - In-between (ASIPV003)



Hior (George Papadopolous) is best known for his various productions with Singapore’s notorious ambient and neo-classical output, Kitchen Label . His most recent album, Taking The Veil, released in 2015, played host to some of the finest instrumental partnerships in the genre including, Field Rotation and Halo, showing us the sublime instrumental craftmanship George has perfected, and blurring the boundaries between ambient and classical music.

A fine photographer, George paints vivid, grainy and introspective visions alongside his partners of choice, and we were lucky enough to see hear him play alongside the skills of Uwe Zahn in ASIPV003.

Arovane & Hior Chronik - In-between (ASIPV003)



From his early Pop Ambient compilation features, to his most recent release with A Strangely Isolated Place; Markus' trademark sound has never faltered, carving out a unique space that exists between dense, looping ambient and heady dub-techno. 

With albums on Kompakt, Sending Orbs, Moodgadget and Affin, Markus finally graces us with his most considered album yet, focusing on the legendary planet, Theia.

Markus Guentner / Theia (ASIPV004) coming soon