A relentless ambient producer as bvdub, Earth House Hold is Brock's personal throwback to his most important past influential period. Years spent DJ-ing ambient chill-out rooms and deep house basements nearly thirty years ago are channeled into the purest manifestations and instruments from that era; with signature vocal effects, rumbling off-kilter bass-lines and slowly rising atmospheres blurring the boundaries between deep house and ambient music. 

With his debut album under this moniker in 2012 “When Love Lived" now becoming a cult-favorite, it was the home of ASIP that encouraged Brock to revisit times past once again, releasing “Never Forget Us” in 2018. 

Earth House Hold brings the past to the present in a deep, mystifying and emotional way that only Brock Van Wey could. 

Earth House Hold / Never Forget Us (ASIPV011)

Features on:
Arovane & Hior Chronik / In-between (remixes) (ASIPV003R)
Markus Guentner / Empire (ASIPV012) [as bvdub]